Sam Caucci: Moving Forward

With hours before the election, small business owners have a lot to consider.

With the race as tight as it is one thing is clear, our nation is divided. We are divided on the strategy and the candidate that will move us forward. Specifically for small business owners, this clear divide forces us to come to one clear conclusion, there may not be one clear answer for how we will move forward.

There are real challenges that are facing our country. These challenges clearly impact our daily life as business owners. They impact us by forcing us to ask ourselves questions like, “Do we hire?” and “Do we continue to invest the type of dollars that we have been into our marketing budgets?”.

With the reality that things may only get tougher, small business owners are looking harder at these major questions that face their business daily. For some, they will come to the conclusion that they must continue to be aggressive to move their business forward. This means to continue to hire, continue to invest and continue to bet on their company’s mission statement. For others, it will mean to be conservative, wait to invest in that new office space and to cut back on staff. These questions are difficult, they are real and worst of all the answers may not be as simple as Democrat or Republican, as some try to make it seem.

With hours before the election, small business owners are thinking about what our world will look like over the next four years. Will things improve? Do we believe that anybody is the right fit for the jobs in Washington? Do we trust? While small business owners have their attention and minds focused on the political ticker in the background, they are surely are also laser focused on the only thing that will truly keep them moving forward – their business. The results of this election will not result in the closure of any small business. That closure will only come at the hands of the small business owner.

At this critical moment, small business owners are paying attention but are also aware that the only thing that they can directly control (especially if you don’t reside in the few swing states deciding this election) is to keep your nose down and keep your business moving forward.

Sam Caucci is the founder of Sales Huddle Group Inc. Online at

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