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Salaries paid in cryptocurrency? Jobchain to disrupt work as we know it

Jobchain®, an award-winning corporation founded by Jose Bay, is going to disrupt work as we know it by paying millions of workers in cryptocurrency (digital money). One of the main reasons for that is to help people who don’t have a bank account or Social Security card to get access to their money immediately.

A financial revolution

This could be the beginning of a new financial revolution where cryptocurrency is king. Digital money is decentralized and free from the control of power groups like governments, political parties, and banks. This can prevent uncontrolled inflation due to an unstable economy. Cryptocurrency also has the potential to turn the world into a global village where you can access any product and service on the planet and pay for it without hassle.

Bay founded Jobchain® in 2019 using his own money. This created a platform where job-seekers and employers could connect and make or receive payments in the form of cryptocurrency. Bay also created a native cryptocurrency called JOB tokens that is used exclusively by Jobchain®. JOB tokens were the fastest growing cryptocurrency in 2020. It is certified by CertiK and listed in 25 cryptocurrency exchange markets, including Bittrex.

Why are JOB tokens better than cash?

The reason JOB tokens are so great is because you can get your salary immediately, even if you don’t have a bank account or Social Security card. The tokens can be paid into your Jobchain® Wallet or crypto (digital) wallet on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It can also be stored in a hardware (physical) wallet like the Ledge Nano x.

Alternatively the tokens can be paid into a Bitsa or Bitnovo card (prepaid Visa cards). You will then be able to use it anywhere Visa is accepted and pay natively with JOB Tokens in shops worldwide. Jobchain® JOB tokens can also be exchanged at cryptocurrency ATMs. You can sell your tokens there and then draw the cash. Simply register on the cashier platform, scan a QR code and receive your cash.

How do I pay for things using cryptocurrency?

Find a free crypto wallet online or use your Jobchain® Wallet. This is like a bank account that you can use to receive, store, and pay money. Simply fill in your details to set it up and wait for your salary to arrive in tokens. Then look for a merchant that accepts cryptocurrency. Copy the merchant’s cryptocurrency address from its site and paste it into the space provided on your wallet. Type the exact amount you are spending into the payment box and click “send”. If you have to pay a bill and they do not accept cryptocurrency you can use your Bitsa or Bitnovo card if they accept Visa.

Benefits of blockchain

Jobchain® defines blockchain as “a cryptocurrency technology platform, which can be compared to a digital ledger of unlimited capacity, in which all kinds of transactions are recorded”.

  1. You are in control. Only users and developers are involved in the transaction – no third parties.
  2. The storage of information is decentralized. Information is distributed on individual servers, so the damage is less in case of a hack.
  3. It is very reliable. Bitcoin has a good track record.
  4. It is transparent. The technology is usually open source, which makes altering data very complicated. This makes it very secure.
  5. Transaction costs are less. There is no third party (bank) to pay.
  6. Operations are streamlined. Blockchain operates 24/7 so settlements are faster.

Jobchain® makes it easy for job-seekers to find work and for employers to find employees.

If you are a job-seeker, simply fill in your personal details, education, and experience within the Wallet application. It will then be stored there so that you can be hired anywhere and at any time. Employers will then be able to choose from a wide variety of job profiles on the platform. They can then classify them by availability, location, salary and score. They may then hire and pay for services provided according to the contract.

With all these exciting options and solutions finding work and receiving a salary will most likely never be the same again.

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