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Route 778 bridge opens in Augusta County

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The Route 778 bridge in Augusta County reopened on Thursday with a weight limit posting of three tons. The Route 778 bridge (Knightly Mill Road) crosses the Middle River between Route 777 (Kentmere Lane) and Route 608 (Battlefield Road).

The Route 778 bridge was closed in October by the Virginia Department of Transportation after routine inspections showed significant deterioration of the structure.
Repairs were made to the Route 778 bridge, allowing reopening it with a three-ton limit. This will restrict vehicular access to only passenger vehicles.
The Route 775 (Craig Shop Road) bridge in Augusta County was also closed after inspections showed deterioration. The Route 775 bridge remains closed. Both structures are steel truss bridges with timber decks and are over 110 years old. Constructed for early 20th-century vehicles, these bridges were not designed to accommodate heavier modern vehicles.
Due to deterioration both the Route 778 and the Route 775 bridges have significantly weakened structural bridge elements. VDOT will continue its inspections of both structures.
Bridge engineering evaluations conclude that traffic exceeding the three-ton limit should not cross the Route 778 bridge. To assist in monitoring the bridge integrity and to ensure public safety, a VDOT camera and traffic-monitoring device will be installed on the Route 778 bridge. This equipment will help VDOT monitor vehicular traffic and make informed decisions on the remaining service life of this structure. Any further usage of the Route 778 bridge by vehicles exceeding the three-ton weight limit could result in additional damage leading to potential permanent closure.
Traffic alerts and traveler information can be obtained by dialing 511. Traffic alerts and traveler information also are available at
The VDOT Customer Service Center can assist with reporting road hazards, asking transportation questions, or getting information related to Virginia’s roads. Call 800-FOR- ROAD (800-367-7623) or use its mobile friendly website at Agents are available 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week.
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The VDOT Staunton District serves Frederick, Shenandoah, Clarke, Warren, Page, Rockingham, Augusta, Highland, Rockbridge, Alleghany and Bath counties.

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