Rooney Nelson: Reducing crime is easy

policecar3For less than the cost of one murder the crime rate can be easily and significantly reduced.  In 2010, researchers at Iowa State concluded that the cost for a single murder in America was $17.25 million.  For less than that $17.25 million, American’s can easily and effectively reduce not only murders, but also rapes, robberies and other violent crimes quickly, significantly, and effectively, while saving ourselves a few billion dollars in the process.  Perhaps most importantly, effectively deploying these tools might even have stopped a terrorist act like the Boston Marathon bombing.

This reduction can be achieved by simply applying many of the same persuasion marketing tools that are used,  in various forms, to control and dictate your behavior, every day, in almost every decision you make -and yes, there’s an APP for that.  The APP is called Penetration Point Mastery. You can’t download it to your smart phone, or access it on your tablet, but it’s also been used to win elections, start wars, and have billions ask for the little blue pill.

The best part is that it’s a simple 7 step process.

First and most importantly, identify your penetration point.  The penetration point is that one compelling insight that is the game changer.  In this case it’s that most rappers know how to stay out of jail.  Rapper’s all claim to be criminals, hustling their way to success.  This may or may not be true, but the penetration point insight is that most very successful rappers have never, ever, been to jail or served any significant time.  Not Kayne West, Not JayZ, not Diddy, not Drake, not Nas, not Eminem, not even the biggest thug of them all, Rick Ross.

Second, define a clear target market.  In this case it would be young males.  They are not the only group that commits crimes, but they are certainly a key subset, easily identifiable, and very easy to reach.

Third, craft the message.  The message is always short, simple and compelling.   This one is “you gotta change your hustle up because it’s too easy to get caught.”   This messaging allows both  the messenger, “the rappers” and the recipients “the criminals” to both stay true to their roots of “being hustlers” but accomplishes our goal of saving both lives and billions of dollars.

Fourth, target influencers.  Influencers are a potent group that will drive the desired behavioral change among your target group.  For this application, it’s rappers.

Fifth, always embed the message in already accepted beliefs. In this case it’s that technology has made it hard, if not almost impossible, to hustle and not get caught.  The number one TV show, CSI, makes it clear that every criminal always leaves a trail.  Every bodega, bank and street corner has cameras. Everyone has a phone that they use to take videos and pictures and that phone is also a tracking device for the authorities.

Sixth –strategically attack the market.  Like most American’s, the target group is very susceptible to effective marketing   Lead the effort by featuring the rappers. Surround sound the message by promoting it to the target group’s communication network.  This network includes promoters, DJ’s, athletes, parole officers, and importantly, ex con’s returning home.  They more than anyone know that getting caught is easy.

Seven-evaluate and adjust.  This type of messaging always penetrates quickly and behavioral change happens rapidly.  Crime will subsequently drop immediately and dramatically and stay down.  Adjust the messaging as required based on qualitative and quantitative assessment.

Importantly, if these tools had already been deployed, the Boston Marathon bombing may never have happened.  That is simply because when these types of tools are deployed effectively, their messages always extend through and beyond the target market.

Dehokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving bomber, was clearly strongly influenced by rap music.  On April 16th, 3 days before his capture, his second to last tweet quotes Eminem.  On April 15th he tweeted “Ain’t no love in the heart of the city…” lyrics made popular among today’s youth by the Jay Z song “Heart of the City”.  On April 10th he tweeted “”get knowledge, get women, acquire currency” a take on the Notorious BIG’s famous lyrics “fuck bitches, make money.”   Dehokhar’s tweets also featured both other well known rappers such as Kanye West and Nas and newer rappers such as Kendrick Lamar whom he quoted on March 28th with the eerily prescient tweet “no one is really violent until they are with their homies.”

The Tsarnaev brothers were clearly also not interested in being martyr’s and Dehokhar clearly did not seem to think he would get caught, as evidenced by him wearing his hat to the back and making no attempt to hide his features on the day of the bombing.

Perhaps if Dehokhar had the lyrics “change your hustle up, it’s too easy to get caught” in both his mind and on his twitter feed, he would have focused on his safer “hustle” of staying in school and 3 lives would have been saved, hundreds would not have shattered bodies and minds, and our nation would not, once again, be navigating a frightening act of sheer terror.

Bottom line-We can pretty easily begin to really win the war on crime, potentially aid the war on terror, and save billions of dollars in the process.  If you know a foundation, organization, group or even an individual that cares about creating a better America for our children, call them today and get them started on the plan right away.  The faster they start, the sooner the bloodshed will stop and the quicker we can all begin pocketing the savings.

Rooney Nelson is the Founder/President of The Nelson Group World Wide.

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