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Robert Sarvis: Reaction to NoVA Governor’s Forum

robert sarvisToday, I attended a candidates’ forum sponsored by four chambers of commerce in the Northern Virginia area. Despite multiple major newspapers calling for my inclusion in debates, I was not invited to participate, and Virginia voters missed an opportunity to have a truly useful forum where real solutions were discussed.

The major-party candidates made clear they are unable to speak specifics, that they have a tenuous grasp of basic economics, that they don’t understand the challenges we will face over the next generation, and that they are unserious about changing the status quo of corporate interests controlling the levers of governmental power. Both candidates explicitly endorsed crony capitalism, through the Opportunity Fund and through other means. Neither candidate showed an appreciation of open and competitive markets under the rule of law.

This forum proved we can’t get real change through the Republicans or Democrats. I am the only candidate who believes in a Virginia that is both Open-minded and Open for Business.

Robert Sarvis is the Libertarian Party nominee for governor of Virginia.

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