Robert Johnson: Thanks for the support!

Letter from Robert Johnson
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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Waynesboro for their support of my campaign. Even though I came up short on numbers at the polls, I received many encouraging words and compliments for running. Your support and encouragement are greatly appreciated. I look forward to continuing close contact with you as we move forward as a city.

We are in the process of revitalizing our local economy and will need everyone to be involved. It does not matter if we are conservative or liberal, black or white, rich or poor, now it the time to come together as a team and focus on issues facing our city.

Our children will need to be well-educated and prepared to take on the world when they graduate from our school system; our senior citizens will need safe, affordable housing and public transportation; and our emergency personnel need to be fully supported in their duty of providing our public safety.

I congratulate Mr. Freeman for being elected and look forward to working with him and other Council members on these and other issues, as I continue my position as chairman of the Transportation Safety Commission.

Robert E. L. Johnson Jr. was a candidate for the Ward C seat on Waynesboro City Council.

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