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Robert Hurt: Working to allow Americans to keep their healthcare plans

Robert_HurtLast week, the House approved legislation to allow Fifth District families to keep their healthcare policies in 2014.  H.R. 3350, the Keep Your Health Plan Act, passed the House with bipartisan support.

Millions of Americans have received notification that their health plans have been cancelled as a result of the President’s health care overhaul.  The Administration has acknowledged that their promise that Americans who like their health care plans would be able to keep them has not been fulfilled.  Our office has received thousands of messages pleading that we put an end to this damaging law.  One Fifth District family in Franklin County saw its premium double from $600 to $1,200.  Another Fifth District family in Danville saw its deductible go from $500 to $1,750.

The President offered administrative ‘fixes’ to the legislation, which were yet another instance of backtracking because of the unsustainability of his health care law.  These clerical corrections will not reverse the damaging effects of this law in the end.  That is why the House took action last week to free Americans from the expensive premiums brought on by this law for another year.  Not only does the Keep Your Health Plan Act allow Americans to keep their policies, but it also ensures that those who choose to keep their health plans would not face a penalty under the individual mandate.

Ultimately, we must work toward full repeal and replacement of the law, but until we are able to achieve this, we must delay its implementation.  I am encouraged by last week’s passage of the Keep Your Health Care Act, as it brings us closer to freeing Americans from the burdensome regulations of the President’s health care law.

If you need any additional information, please visit my website at or call my Washington office: (202) 225-4711, Charlottesville office: (434) 973-9631, Danville office: (434) 791-2596, or Farmville office: (434) 395-0120.

robert hurt represents the Fifth District in Congress.