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Robert Hurt votes to repeal tax on medical devices

Robert_HurtCongressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia) released the following statement after voting in favor of the Protect Medical Innovation Act, H.R. 160, which would repeal the sales tax on medical devices imposed by the President’s healthcare law.

“The President’s healthcare law contains a number of harmful provisions, including more than a dozen tax increases.  One such harmful tax increase is the medical device tax – a tax on an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people around the country and generates innovative products that save lives and improve health.  We should be encouraging, not hindering, those jobs and innovations.  While I remain focused on repealing the President’s healthcare law and replacing it with real healthcare reform based upon market-oriented principles, today’s bill is a critical step in the interim to alleviate some of the disastrous effects of its implementation.  I was proud to cosponsor this legislation and see it pass the House with wide bipartisan support.  I remain committed to working with my colleagues to minimize the harmful effects of the President’s healthcare law, while we work to replace it with substantive reform based upon market-oriented principles.”