Robert Hurt: The first step, not the last, towards true health-care reform

The people of the Fifth District sent a clear message on Election Day in support of repealing the government takeover of health care.

This week, I was proud to put the will of the people into action by co-sponsoring and voting to repeal the health care law that raises costs, increases taxes and spending, and destroys jobs.

I have heard from many constituents about the negative ramifications this law has had on people throughout Central and Southside Virginia.

I took to the House floor this week to share the story of one such Charlottesville-based doctor.

After making large sacrifices to serve those in the Charlottesville area by owning and operating an urgent care center, this doctor made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that the fear and uncertainty regarding the new health care law threatens both the present and future success of his practice. 


Due to the tax hikes, added regulations and bureaucracy, and overall government intrusion, the doctor is no longer sure he can afford to stay in business – which means over 16,000 patients in the area served by his practice may lose access to this reliable and affordable care.


What a crushing blow to the innovators that are seeking new ways to provide quality medical care to their fellow man. What a crushing blow to the entrepreneurial spirit for those who are seeking to succeed. And what a crushing blow to the very spirit upon which our nation was founded.

This is just one example of why it is important and necessary to repeal the government takeover of health care.

Voting in favor of the repeal bill, however, does not mean a return to the status quo.

It is critical that we continue to work towards providing the people of the Fifth District with long lasting solutions to their health care needs.

That is why I was proud to co-sponsor and support a resolution that passed the House this week which instructs committees of jurisdiction to report legislation replacing the health care law.

Four committees will be charged with putting together legislation that is going to be guided by the principles of the market economy. It will not take a sledgehammer to the current quality of the health care we have, but instead will seek to reduce premiums, lower costs, and extend access to all Americans based on market-oriented solutions.

I remain committed to finding ways to reduce health care costs and keep quality care while removing the government from the patient-doctor relationship, and I look forward to debating and finding these solutions in an open and transparent manner throughout the 112th Congress.

Robert Hurt represents the Fifth District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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