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Robert Hurt: The Iran deal, one year later

robert hurtJuly 14 marked one year since the announcement of the Iran Nuclear Deal by the Obama Administration, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

This deal was touted as a means to push back the possibility of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon; unfortunately, it has unquestionably allowed Iran too much flexibility to pursue its nuclear ambitions.  The United States has been far too lenient in allowing Iran benefits beyond those required by the Iran Deal, as well as failing to impose strong measures to hold Iran accountable for continued behavior that violates the tenets of the agreement.  In order to thwart Iranian aggression and discourage further violations of the Iran Deal, we in the House have taken meaningful and decisive action to punish rather than reward Iran for breaking this dubious deal.

The Obama Administration said that violation of the terms of this agreement would result in revocation of the many benefits Iran received.  We knew from the beginning that Iran could not be trusted to comply because of the regime’s long-standing record of financing terror, human rights abuses, and repression of its own citizens.  Yet the Administration refuses to take action to sufficiently enforce the deal, fearing the political consequences of the perception that the deal is a failure.  Issues of national and global security are far too grave for idealism and political posturing, and the record of what has transpired in the last year demonstrates the risks associated with the Administration’s approach.

In the months since the adoption of the agreement, we have seen the Iranians test ballistic missiles that they could use as nuclear warheads.  They have also produced more nuclear material than the deal allows them without so much as an admonishment from the Administration.  Not only has Iran broken the terms of the deal, but the Administration has also made it easier for Iran to accelerate its nuclear program and state sponsorship of terrorism by granting the regime access to the U.S. Dollar and facilitating the sale of Boeing aircraft to Iran Air, despite knowing full-well that these planes will be used by their government to transport weapons and fighters to Syria, Lebanon, and other hotspots for terror.

In response, last week, the House of Representatives voted to pass the Iran Accountability Act (H.R. 5631) which applies strict sanctions to the rogue Iranian regime for their numerous transgressions.  This bipartisan bill requires the Administration to take the helm in order to stop Iran from further engaging in its dangerous and destabilizing behavior, which threatens America and its allies.  Our nation’s security will be greatly enhanced should the President decide to embrace this commonsense approach.

From the day the deal was signed, I have remained laser-focused on keeping the possibility of a nuclear Iran at bay and walking-back the damage done by this irresponsible deal.  It is a fact that every day tensions are mounting around the globe, and the Obama Administration continues to insist on a foreign policy based on peace through accommodation in the face of unacceptable behavior and very real threats.  In the House, we will not sit idly by.  It is my hope that the Iran Accountability Act is swiftly signed into action as we stand up and acknowledge these threats which are degrading the safety and stability of our country.

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Robert Hurt represents the Fifth District of Virginia in Congress.


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