Roanoke Del. Sam Rasoul comments on David Bowers statement on Syrian refugees

Rasoul HeadshotIn response to a statement released by Roanoke Mayor David Bowers that referenced the Japanese internment camps of World War II with regard to his call to stop the settlement of Syrian refugees in the city, Del. Sam Rasoul has released the following statement.

“As the son of immigrants who are proud to call Roanoke home, I was shocked to see the Mayor’s justification of his call to disallow Syrian refugees to Roanoke. The Japanese internment camps of World War II symbolize a dark time and low point in U.S. history. We should learn a lesson from such events rather than repeat them.
“The city of Roanoke is home to a rich tapestry of backgrounds and that is one of many reasons it’s a great place to live. We must not allow ourselves to be ruled by fear and distrust of our fellow man. Refugees go through an extremely stringent screening process that often takes nearly two years. It is my hope that Roanoke will continue to be the welcoming and compassionate place that so many are happy to call home.”
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