Roanoke Del. Sam Rasoul statement on OneVirginia2021 redistricting lawsuit

Rasoul HeadshotRoanoke Del. Sam Rasoul offered a statement on the OneVirginia2021 redistricting lawsuit.

I applaud the efforts of OneVirginia2021 in their fight to bring fair redistricting to Virginia. For too long citizens have been at the mercy of politicians who care more about winning reelection than serving their constituents. Legislators now run in districts that are literally drawn for them and any sort of competition or debate is silenced.

We need organizations, like OneVirginia2021, who are willingly to stand up to the political elite and fight for progress, and I am happy to support them in their efforts. I have sponsored bills that would bring about a fairer process for all Virginians but these bills are killed without even a recorded vote. When debate is silenced in an arena where it should be more than welcome, I know there is a problem. This litigation is an answer to those problems.

One quick glance at our voting districts will illustrate how little regard was given to keeping our communities and neighborhoods intact. Partisan politicians use gerrymandering as a way to carve up our towns and cities leaving us helpless to stop them. Progress is needed if we are to live in state whose politicians accurately represent the feelings of the citizenry. Today Virginians from all walks of life are pushing back.

I wish the best of luck to OneVirginia2021 and look forward to the day when the people truly get to pick their own politicians, and not the other way around.

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