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Road safety campaigns: How they help the public

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Road traffic safety includes the proper measures and methods used to prevent public road users from being killed or severely injured in an accident. In daily day life, we all have to use the roads to arrive at our destinations. Some have to go to workplaces and others have to go to educational institutions by road. Traffic control departments all over the world held these campaigns for the awareness of people. In this article, we will find out how these campaigns help people save their lives.

Traditionally, road safety campaigns have applied a combination of fear and statistics to surprise audiences into hearing their message. This style of marketing is still in for over speeding, driving after drinking alcohol, and distraction campaigns. Following are the ways used to make these campaigns effective.

1. Emotional touch

Sometimes, the campaign runners use very emotional methods to guide people. A few years back, the campaign included the last messages of drivers who were dead. At the time of the accidents, they were chatting with somebody and at the other moment, they were gone. That trick worked as people forwarded such videos to their loved ones to get themselves safe.

2. Use of behavioral insights

It is natural that whenever a person (male or female) is driving with family, they become more responsible. In some countries, road signs like “drive like your grandparents in the car” are used in campaigns as they know whenever a driver sees this written, for once, he would think of his family.

3.Driving courses

Free driving courses are the most effective part of road safety campaigns. Through a minimum budget, a number of people are taught how to drive and told about road safety. Also, they are told about the institutes from where they can go to apply for a driving license. It is necessary for you to obtain a license after passing the Alberta learners test in order to drive lawfully.

4. Slogans

In some cases, when people do not get a lesson from media campaigns, then slogans are used on signboards on roads every 3 to 4 kilometers. Slogans such as “Drive Slow, Save Lives” and “It is better to reach 5 minutes late than never”  are used that draw the attention of the drivers and they try to obey road safety instructions.

5. Real life and scientific evidence
Be it facts and stats, or an experiment, using real-life and scientific evidence is a great way to illustrate risks and convince the public audience to prioritize safety. Interviews of survivors of accidents and crashed 3D human-sized models are shown to the public to show them what can happen to their bodies after the accident.


There is no doubt in the fact that a road safety campaign is one of the best ways to convey a safety message to the public. Many of them do not pay attention to such campaigns but it is the truth that safety campaigns have saved a lot of lives unknowingly. We should all follow road signs and instructions to avoid any kind of mishap.

Story by Cyndy Lane

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