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RMH-Rockingham methane project featured by Chevrolet

The RMH-Rockingham County methane gas partnership is one of six environmental sustainability projects around the nation currently being featured by Chevrolet on its website and in its social media.

RMH partnered with Rockingham County to channel methane gas produced by landfill waste to the new hospital to use as energy. RMH is one of the first hospitals in the country to do this, according to Dennis Coffman, director, Facilities Planning at RMH. Because of the project’s uniqueness, Chevrolet selected it as a carbon-reduction project in the U.S. in which to invest, according to Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Global Marketing and Strategy.

According to its website, Chevrolet is investing up to $40 million in various programs and initiatives to reduce 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide over the next few years. Chevrolet previously announced 16 projects throughout the nation in which it was investing, committing the automaker to approximately half of its carbon reduction goal. The RMH-Rockingham County methane gas project is an additional investment in the Chevy initiative.

“Our investment in the Rockingham project fortifies our support of community-based carbon-reduction initiatives,” said Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Global Marketing and Strategy. “It’s fulfilling to back organizations working toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The methane gas project is featured in a 3-minute video found on Chevrolet’s website in a section called “Carbon Stories with Dr. Michio Kaku.”

“We are pleased to be a part of this project with the county and to have it selected to be supported and featured by Chevrolet,” said Coffman. “Our goal from the outset was that the methane gas project be a win for both the county and RMH. RMH is committed to operating facilities on our new campus as environmentally friendly as possible. Burning methane gas from our local landfill that otherwise would have been wasted is one way we can be environmentally friendly and preserve the natural beauty of our community for years to come.”

Stephen King, Rockingham County deputy administrator, added, ”This project is a unique opportunity to do what is environmentally right for our community and at the same time help RMH provide a critical community service—healthcare. The Board of Supervisors embraced the opportunity to collaborate with RMH as both entities work to serve our community.”

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