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Report: Is WWE locker room unraveling heading into WrestleMania 30 season?

PWInsider is reporting that the mood backstage today in Omaha, the site of tonight’s live Monday Night Raw, is that the company is “falling off the rails” heading into WrestleMania 30.

For starters, CM Punk is not on site, according to the report, which neither confirms nor denies whatever his status is at this moment in time, whether his move to “quit” WWE is a work or legitimate, but it is interesting that the talent appears to have expected to see him in Omaha today.

The report also notes that several superstars have tried to reach out to Punk by phone and text messages, but he has not responded.

The other big news is that there is no update on John Cena’s status after he suffered an eye injury on a house show on Saturday and had to be replaced in the main event of a card on Sunday.

Analysis: The talent is just now realizing that WrestleMania 30 is “falling off the rails”? Really? Even before the Royal Rumble fiasco, there was enough indication that the card that has been laid out was not going to be well-received by fans. Daniel Bryan is hot, CM Punk is clearly still at the top of the food chain, and yet creative has been intent on pushing Batista, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar, none of whom right now has any resonance with fans at all. There is still time (two months) to try to right the ship, but that time is getting short.

Column by Chris Graham

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