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Report: Rey Mysterio leaving WWE?

rey mysterioRey Mysterio’s WWE contract expires in May, and it appears that he is not planning to re-sign. So where will Mysterio end up?

Speculation is that Mysterio will become a major player in the new U.S.-based AAA TV show that will debut on El Rey this fall. The show is scheduled to begin taping in August, and Konnan, a long-time close friend of Mysterio, is expected to play a big role behind the scenes in the new promotion.

The move would be a good, clean fresh start for Mysterio, who has been stuck on the lower part of the mid-card for the past couple of years. At 39, Mysterio probably has 3-4 more years of being an in-ring workhorse left in him, depending on his health with his recent history with knee surgeries.

WWE clearly has long since gotten its value from its relationship with Mysterio and will not likely miss having him move on.

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