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Remote work: What businesses should consider?

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The possibility to have a completely remote company is something that comes with several perks but it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to navigate. Businesses that offer remote work or are a full-time remote company, have many different aspects of managing and training as compared to regular in-person businesses.

Communicating Effectively with Your Team

The beauty of business is that it is a team effort. There is no way that a business can be successful without effective communication and collaboration. There are two very big aspects of a business that sound easy but can be one of the biggest challenges remote businesses face.

Regular in-person businesses and companies allow for schedule meetings and it is clear to see everyone’s body language and listen to their tone. Whether businesses allow their employees to do remote work once a week or it is completely remote, it is necessary to have definitive mediums for communication. some examples include:

  • Video chatting and virtual meetings
  • Emailing
  • Conference calls

These are three examples of how companies can communicate with their employees that work from home. Some of these mediums of communication require the person to still be present at the moment like calls and video meetings so an employer should consider the time difference. Hiring someone from a drastically different time zone could become an issue for these forms of communication.

Providing Their Employees with The Right Tools

If businesses are looking for their employees to work from home, they should consider providing them with the tools they need to be successful. This is one way that can amplify your employee’s productivity and prevent procrastination.

When companies provide their workers with specified work emails, computers, or industry-specific tools, this can drastically change their mindset while working. Being surrounded by their home environment, it can tend to get a bit too comfortable. This lack of productivity can be ceased by determining separate “work” tools and electronics from personal ones. This way, the employers and the employees can both feel successful in their work.

Other tools that a company could provide are memberships to co-working spaces or creating productivity incentives for their employees. This way, employees can feel like their company wants them to succeed by giving them the correct devices or tools. Employees like working for a company that believes in them just as much as they do.

The Hiring Process Is Different Than a Regular Business

One of the most stressful but important times for a business is hiring on new prospects. Figuring out if someone will stay and is committed to your business can be difficult to read, even in several in-person interviews. This process becomes even more complex when fully remote businesses cannot conduct these in-person chats.

The process of hiring remotely can be worrisome to many companies but there are ways to try to cope with this new way of interview. Luckily, there are plenty of online platforms for video conferences for businesses to interview their prospective employees. Although nothing beats being in person and reading body language, video interview processes have come a long way in this remote work world.


There are several aspects of remote work that a business should keep an eye out for when looking to hire and collaborate with employees. In this day and age, there are several different platforms for hiring remote workers and figuring out which employees will fit best with their company. Additionally, managing your remote businesses has many perks like being able to search for talent from many areas around the globe to find the best and the brightest. Running a business remotely is a new, fun, and exciting challenge that can leave you with happier employees and even a more successful business in the end.

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