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Red Root & Co marks win in 2021 Good Food Awards

Red Root & Co
Photo courtesy Red Root & Co.

Red Root & Co’s Hops & Citrus Bitters has achieved national accolades with a recent win in the 2021 Good Food Awards.

“We are beyond excited to be honored with a Good Food Award amongst such an impressive group of food crafters! Being selected as a winner validates our craft of herbalism and ethos in a truly meaningful way,” said Corey MacDonald, owner and founder of Red Root & Co, a Harrisonburg-based small-batch producer of plant-based oxymels, shrubs, tonics, syrups, and bitters.

The Good Food Awards are just one part of the mission of the Good Food Foundation, which is “to celebrate, connect, empower and leverage the passionate and engaged, yet often overlooked, players in the food system who are driving towards tasty, authentic, and responsible food in order to humanize and reform our American food culture.”

More than 2,000 entries from all 50 states are submitted each year. 2021 marks the 11th year the Good Food Awards have taken place.

By winning the Elixir category, Red Root & Co has proven they can make a great-tasting product while maintaining their position as a responsible food brand. The Good Food Foundation has stringent standards for entry, and winning a category puts the winner among a very select group of ethical food brands, along with national recognition.

The Good Food Awards are unique, in that they are not just focused on responsible sourcing and business ethics, they are also looking for an unrivaled taste in each category. Winning first place in a category in the Good Food Awards can give a brand the boost it needs to become a household name.

Generally used in fine cocktails, craft beverages–or just mixed with soda–bitters also have a delicious place as aperitifs and digestifs. Red Root & Co inspires their customers to consume creatively with their bright and citrusy Hops & Citrus bitters, made with care using high-quality and organic ingredients.

The Hops & Citrus Bitters are made with infusions of natural botanicals, including the tart notes of hops & citrus balanced by softer edges of berries and tulsi.

Red Root & Co uses the power of plants to elevate bitters and other herbal preparations as an integral part of a modern, health-conscious lifestyle. When creating her products, herbalist Corey MacDonald takes all characteristics of each plant into careful consideration.

“Bitters are a great place to start introducing the vitalizing power of plants to a modern diet. Taken just as a supplement, bitters are a helpful aid before and after eating a meal, or just to calm a rumbling stomach,” MacDonald said. “But we also love the role they play for the home bartender. Herbalists are people, too! And our bitters are part of some delightful cocktails and mocktails, and using our blends is a way to bring more of the plant world into your favorite indulgence.”

In years past, the Good Food Awards were a part of a weekend-long bash celebrating excellence in American food crafters with the public.

This year, the festivities were held online, kicking off with a live stream of the Awards Ceremony and culminating in a virtual pop-up shop where you can shop all the winning products, starting on Jan. 25 and running through.

Learn more about Red Root & Co’s Hops & Citrus bitters and shop online to try them for yourself here.

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