So what about the recent heel turn of Daniel Bryan?

Heel turns mark a key turning point in the career of any top babyface. (Think CM Punk. Don’t think John Cena. That one may never happen.)

The early verdict: this Daniel Bryan turn doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Bryan has joined the Wyatt Family, which gets a boost, sure, from having the headliner for four 2013 WWE pay-per-views join its stable.

But what does the main-eventer from four 2013 pay-per-views get out of the deal? Outside of being relegated to bit-player status in a stable whose gimmick wasn’t going anywhere, it’s hard to figure what else Bryan gets.

And maybe that’s what creative wants for Bryan, whose babyface gimmick was running out of options after suffering beatdown after beatdown at the hands of The Authority. (Whose own gimmick has long since run out of options.)

Bryan as bit player in the Wyatt Family is no longer a face monster that creative can’t control. This is creative hitting the reset button.

Column by Chris Graham


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