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Reasons why a bottle of Champagne calls for a celebration

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From birthday parties, weddings, and anniversaries to championships and whatever type of celebratory occasion there is, a glass of Champagne will most likely be there. Moreover, it’s normal to see bottles of Champagne being sprayed all over a venue as a symbol of fun, enjoyment, and celebration.

But why do we celebrate with Champagne? What does it stand for? And why, among other wines, do we choose Champagne as the star of the show?

Let us take a look at how Champagne started to be a celebratory drink, how it evolved throughout the years, and why we are still drinking it even in this modern age.

Brief History of Champagne as a Celebratory Drink

The history of drinking Champagne goes back in the late 1800s, when Hugh Capet, the King of France, started to serve the sparkling wines in every royal dinner. The Duke of Orléans, later on, presented it to the rich and the famous.

When Champagne was gaining a lot of attention, Napoleon Bonaparte had heard the wine’s name and befriended Jean-Rémy Moët, a famous master of Champagne and the grandson of Claude Moët, who founded the Moët business.

As their friendship blossomed, Napoleon intentionally visited Jean-Rémy Moët and stocked up his champagne supply before his military campaign started. This resulted in a famous quote, “Champagne! In victory, you deserve it, in defeat you need it.”

This has been a widely used quote as an excuse to drink Champagne. But now, Champagne has become a solid symbol of celebrating success. The moment we lift our glasses, it has become a symbolic action that praises Champagne as the star of the show. There’s rarely a party or occasion when Champagne is not served. To many, Champagne is a must in every celebration.

Reasons Why We Drink Champagne

Other than we love celebrating successful events, we love a lot of things a glass of Champagne offers. Here are a few reasons why.

Thanks to the Fizz!

One thing that makes us enjoy drinking Champagne is the fizz. Every wine enthusiast, even non-wine drinkers, love that crisp, bubbly effect a glass of Champagne has. It’s what attracts the most attention every time a bottle of Champagne is poured on a glass.

But did you know that Dom Pierre Perignon, the Benedictine monk who first discovered sparkling wine, initially wanted to remove the bubbling effect of his wine? At that time, bubbles were undesirable in wine-making. The reason for the fizz was because the wine was bottled even before fully fermenting. The yeast in the wine got busy and turned it fizzy.

Thanks to a few British aristocrats who liked the bubbles in Champagne, the signature fizz was kept. Later on, the bubbling effect of Champagne has been mastered through the use of cork as a stopper. This method is now called the traditional method. An English scientist documented the process by adding sugar to a bottle of wine before sealing it.

In the modern world, Dom Perignon, a popular brand of vintage Champagne produced by the champagne house, Moët & Chandon, became a household name in the wine industry. However, this bottle can be a bit hefty. For those who can’t afford it, Prosecco is a good alternative. It’s cheaper yet almost holds the same excellent taste for those who don’t want to splurge on a Dom Perignon.

Champagne is Not Just for Drinking

Unlike other wines, Champagne can still be enjoyed without drinking it. Yes, you’ve read that right. And it’s all thanks to these famous Formula ones (F1) racers who practiced this tradition for years.

As a way of celebrating their championship, most race car drivers share the fun and the success by spraying a bottle of Champagne over the crowd. This tradition has become an important part of the prestigious event.

The Tradition Made Us Do It

Long before the modernization of society, Champagne was considered an expensive beverage, and not everyone could afford it as a table wine. However, for special occasions, like birthdays, weddings, and holidays, one can save for it. That is why, whenever a remarkable event takes place, such as the turning of the year, it calls for a bottle of Champagne.

The new year celebrates new life and new opportunities. And what better way to celebrate it than with Champagne? Serve a glass and enjoy it at midnight, which goes the same with weddings and birthdays.

Champagne has become synonymous with celebration and success, and that is why it never left out during a special occasion.


From a flaw to a drinking feature, Champagne is one of the most sought after drinks during a special occasion. Champagne is not only enjoyed by drinking it. Some even use it to celebrate by spraying and bathing in it. Sparkling wine, especially Champagne, has genuinely evolved over the years and has become a popular drink that everyone of age can enjoy.