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Reasons to work with a public adjuster on your roof damage

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Filing a roof damage claim entails ample documentation, complicated damage assessments, and complex insurance policy regulations. The average homeowner isn’t versed in these things, so hiring a public adjuster for advice and guidance is only logical. We’ve seen many roof damage claims denied because the damage documentation was improperly made. Some homeowners act apologetically or make wrong assumptions regarding the roof damage, which results in underpaid claims. Insurance companies tend to interpret things their way, choosing the options that serve their best interest.

A roof damage public adjuster works only for you, not the insurance company. You hired him for professional advice and guidance on filing a claim, and that’s what he’ll provide. An excellent public adjuster can help you with:

  • Home value assessment
  • Damage assessment
  • Investigation of incurred losses
  • Preparing comprehensive documentation
  • Establishing the link between wind damage and incurred losses
  • Negotiating with your insurer for a reasonable settlement to cover your repair expenses
  • Reopening a denied claim and obtaining a fair settlement

If a hurricane or powerful storm results in severe damage to your roof, we recommend immediately contacting a public adjusting company. They’ll send a specialist there to investigate the incident, assess the incurred roof damage in great detail, and prepare the required documentation. You can choose to let your public adjuster handle all the work. They can contact the insurance company and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Alternatively, you can involve yourself in the claim procedures to make the PA’s job easier. However, that’s often unnecessary, as the public adjuster follows a strict methodology!

What can cause roof damage to a home?

Roof damage occurs when a hurricane or powerful storm dislocates shingles or tiles. Alternatively, the wind can send flying debris on your roof or topple a tree on a roof section. The damage can be so extensive that you may have to relocate elsewhere until the repairs are done. Your insurance company can also cover the relocation costs if you know how to file your roof damage claim. ProFloridian Claims Consultants, a professional public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale, can help you file a comprehensive claim easily. Make sure to keep any receipts from the hotel and documents showing other incurred losses related to the property damage.

Your public adjuster will use them as supporting evidence when negotiating with your insurer. The resulting settlement will take into account these extra expenses. Your public adjuster will estimate the repair costs and provide the required documentation to the insurance company. Shortly, you will receive the compensation for your incurred losses, and you can start the repair procedures. Without a public adjuster, the claim procedures take unnecessarily long to finish. Moreover, insurance companies often delay paying the settlement.

Why is roof damage difficult to assess?

A significant risk of roof damage lies with underlying water damage that’s unnoticeable at first. If a hurricane or a powerful rainstorm causes the resulting roof damage, your roof might be leaking. If left unabated, the added moisture and humidity will lead to a mold infestation, putting your family’s life at risk. A public adjuster knows where to look for roof-related water damage, and they can include it in the roof damage claim.

The insurance public adjuster generally ignores additional damage and only focuses on roof damage. Relying on your insurance company to be reasonable and fair will only result in disappointment and an underpaid claim. Let the experts take over instead! Contact a public adjusting company as soon as you notice the roof damage, and they’ll care of everything for you. Their best interest is to obtain the maximum settlement for your incurred losses!

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