Reasons to visit Mykonos, and why you will love it


Mykonos has a special character which you will either love or hate. If you are thinking about visiting Mykonos, you are already on the “love” side. Many tourists return to Mykonos whenever they can, because they have found on the island all the ingredients of a perfect summer destination.

Mykonos’s island barren landscape is gorgeous

The landscape in all Cycladic island is barren, as there are no rivers or natural lakes on them. With the strong sun shining all day during the summer, most of the plants get dry.

Mykonos has no high mountains but many steep rocky formations which sometimes come down to the sea. This creates unique pictures, especially in combination with the long sandy beaches and the crystal clear sea.

The good thing in Mykonos is that you don’t need to walk a far way to enjoy the wild landscape. It is everywhere – just outside Chora or next to the crowded beaches – and you can even look at it while drinking your coffee at the balcony of your Mykonos Villa.

For those that want to explore more, there are daily safari tours available, where you can see the ragged parts of Mykonos from the safety of a jeep.

Multicultural Mykonos

Fascinating Mykonian architecture

When you first see a traditional Cycladic set of houses, it may cause your eyes to hurt. The shining white walls are standing between the blue shades of the sea and the sky and reflect the sun light.

The typical characteristics of Mykonian architecture are cubic shapes, flat roofs, white walls and few windows painted in vivid colors like blue or green. The streets are narrow and stone paved.

This specific architecture was developed to meet the needs of their inhabitants during the ages. As the island was often attacked by pirates, the houses had to be very close to each other and the streets had to be narrow so that the locals could defend themselves better. Because of the shortage of materials, the houses also needed to be small in size. The white color sends out most of the sun rays, preventing high temperatures inside the buildings. And the flat roofs and cubic forms make the structures more stable against the strong winds that blow on the island.

rent villa in mykonos

Rent your private Villa in Mykonos

The island offers a variety of reasons to rent Mykonos villa, explore the island, and that’s what makes it one of the most popular destinations in the World. The capital town (Chora) is one of the best examples of Cycladic architecture, whose style has clearly influenced the design of the Villas, which combine the traditional architecture with modern and luxurious touches. Whether you are out for a real good time or you are seeking a quiet resort, there is a private villa in Mykonos waiting for you.

Mykonos’s museums are far from boring

As Mykonos has a very rich history, its museums could never be boring. There are 5 museums on the island and each one has some interesting stories to tell about the past.

  • Archeological Museum in Chora Mykonos. Here you will see some ancient treasures – sculptures, pottery, jewelry and everyday items.
  • Aegean Maritime Museum at Tria Pigadia, Chora. Dedicated to the nautical history of the island, its exhibits include ship replicas, items, maps and photos from ancient times up to today.
  • Archeological Museum of Delos, with a lot of findings from the important sites of Delos and Rhenia.
  • Agricultural Museum at Ano Myloi. A well preserved traditional windmill with all its machinery and tools.
  • Lena’s House, which is actually a 19th century, middle class house with all its furniture and decoration.

Multicultural Mykonos

Mixing different cultures and accepting diversity is a tradition in Mykonos, starting at ancient times. As the island was a port that accepted merchants and travellers from different civilizations, the locals developed a high tolerance, even admiration, for other cultures.

In past decades, when nudism and homosexuality were taboos almost everywhere, Mykonos became a perfect shelter for those who wanted to have fun without criticism. Today the mixture of cultures can be seen everywhere, from restaurant menus to the decoration of Villas Mykonos.

Mykonos has just the right vibe

It is summer, you are in desperate need of a break and all you can dream of is relaxing under the sun with a gentle breeze from the sea or having fun until morning. There are only a few places on Earth that can offer you all you want and one of them is Mykonos island.

Mykonos has it all and in the right amounts: crazy parties, luxury accommodation, great food and drinks, warm weather, clean waters and magnificent views. You just need to visit the island to dive into pleasures of your choice!

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