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Real estate marketing tips that successful realtors use

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The real estate industry has had its share of ups and downs over the past few years. However, the real estate market still remains lucrative for savvy real estate agents. It’s vital to mention that novice real estate agents must make an earnest effort to separate themselves from the pack.

Marketing your real estate services effectively is the key to becoming a top producer in your town or city. Fortunately, there are many ways to promote your real estate services to your targeted audience. We will now cover twenty marketing tips that can help you get more listings and closings.

Please keep in mind that these tips are used by many successful Realtors throughout the country. If you use them wisely, you can become a huge success.

1. Jump into social media

It’s important for you to create a new account on the most popular social media networks around today. You can get started by creating an account on the following platforms: Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

You can use these platforms to market your properties, share positive press, and communicate with other users. You cannot afford to underestimate the power of social media. It can help you become a top producer.

2. Take advantage of social sharing buttons

Makes sure you give your clients direct access to social sharing buttons. This makes it extremely easy for them to share photos of their new home. This simple gesture will give your business more exposure.

3. Pay close attention to your competition

You must pay close attention to other agents in your market. What are other agents doing in your market? Do they have a heavy presence on social media? What type of marketing message are they conveying on their website?

Getting the answers to the questions above can help you get a beat on your competition. This will help you stay clear of their mistakes and duplicate their success.

4. Consider hiring an SEO expert

Getting visitors to your website is the key to getting new clients. Hiring a search engine optimization expert can take your business to the next level. The SEO expert knows how to drive traffic to your website. When your website begins to get more traffic, you will be in perfect position to get more clients.

5. Paid advertising

Search engine optimization marketing is effective, but it may take several months to see positive results. Your SEO specialist will not hesitate to tell you this. However, you can speed things up with paid advertising.

Investing in a Google Adwords campaign can provide instantaneous results. A reasonable budget for your marketing campaigns will help your website get targeted traffic. When someone clicks on your ad, they’re interested in doing business with you.

6. Distribute your business cards

Contrary to popular belief, this old-school marketing method still works. You can pass out your business cards at social events, shopping malls, and book stores. This cost-effective marketing strategy can help you secure fresh leads throughout the entire year.

7. Be easy to contact

Make sure your contact information is on every page of your site. You should consider adding a contact us page to your website.

8. Have a mobile-friendly website

Most consumers spend an enormous amount of time on their cellular phones. It’s critical for you to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it will not load up fast on cellular phones. This can hurt your chances of getting new clients.

9. Build a subscriber list

It’s reasonable to say that email marketing is one of the best tactics for building a strong relationship with your clients. You can collect email addresses from your website. In return, you can send them newsletters filled with valuable information. Your newsletters can cover upcoming open houses, information about your seminars, and details on new homes in your market.

10. Word-of-mouth advertising

This may sound strange, but word-of-mouth advertising can pay huge dividends for your business. Encourage your family and friends to tell others about your real estate services.

11. Consider hosting a webinar

Hosting a webinar is a great way to get attention for your business. You can share invaluable tips and resources with your viewers. For example, you can share pointers on how to get approved for a home loan.

12. Don’t forget to blog

It’s vital for you to have a website, but you should also consider building a blog. What’s the value of having a blog? Blogging will help you market your services and cultivate new relationships. Successful Realtors are well known for blogging about their business. You should follow suit.

13. Get into branding

Branding is your best friend. You can advertise your services by branding writing pens and plastic cups. You can give these items away at social events. This simple marketing strategy works extremely well because people will think of you when they use these items. They will be inclined to contact you when they are ready to sell their home or buy a new home.

14. Donate your time to the community

You can make a splash in the community by volunteering. Donating your time to the community will make you more visible, and people will be than happy to support your business. It’s fair to say that it would be a win-win situation for everyone.

15. Send out thank you cards

Sending out thank you cards to past clients will demonstrate that you appreciate their business. Your kind gesture will motivate them to tell others about your business.

16. Ask for testimonials

It’s not unusual for consumers to search for testimonials before they decide to do business with real estate agents. They want to know if you can deliver the goods.

Getting testimonials from real people will let your prospective clients know that you are a dependable agent. Get testimonies from past clients, and put them on your website. This will give your business more credibility.

17. Use a referral system

You can reward your past clients when they refer someone to you. You can give them a gift card or concert tickets.

18. Become a real estate authority in your area

You can become a real estate authority in your area by becoming a columnist in local newspapers and magazines. Showcasing your real estate knowledge will let everyone know that you can take care of their real estate needs.

19. Become a local sponsor

Consider sponsoring school events, sport teams, or local festivals. Your business will get an important spot on flyers, program pamphlets, and t-shirts.

20. Direct mail to the rescue

Direct mail is great for new real estate agents. Sending postcards to your targeted audience will generate a healthy customer base for your business.

Make sure the real estate postcards you send provide useful information for your target audience, such as market updates or any listings in the area you Just Listed or Just Sold.

By being consistent with your mailings, you will demonstrate expertise to your target area, which will entice them to call you.

Final summary

The real estate industry is extremely competitive. Realtors compete for new listings daily. This is why novice real estate agents must go the extra mile to promote their service. Luckily, the 20 tips above can help your new career get off to a great start. Good luck.

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