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Ready for a career change? Check out the fastest growing jobs in Virginia

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If you’re ready to find a new career in the Old Dominion state, it might be time to take on one of these fast-growing jobs.

Healthcare professionals

Jobs in the healthcare field are growing rapidly in Virginia. Some popular options include:

Registered nurses

RNs are often the direct caretaker for patients in a hospital. It’s projected that there will be nearly 9,000 new RN positions in the state by 2024.

Physical therapists

They help patients recover from injuries and manage pain. The average physical therapist in Virginia is expected to make about $85,000 come 2024.

Dental hygienists

A dental hygienist examines patients for signs of oral diseases and advises treatment. The field is expected to gain over 1,000 new in-state roles in the next three years.

If you’d like to find more healthcare jobs in Virginia, check out Practice Match to see what’s out there and what kind of experience you’ll need.

Tech experts

Technology is constantly growing and changing and so are the jobs that surround it. Here are some of the most popular tech jobs in Virginia.

Software developers

They analyze people’s needs and then design software to meet them. This will require a bachelor’s degree, but the salary starts at over $100,000.

Web developers

They build and manage websites. With just an Associate’s degree, you can make up to $80,000 a year.

Computer user support specialists

These are the people who run help desks and phone lines for IT issues. If you’re good with tech and with customer service, this job would be a good match for you.

Don’t forget to update your resume and rewrite your CV to include your relevant skills before applying to one of these jobs. First impressions matter.

Customer service

Not surprisingly, customer service jobs are expected to keep growing in the coming years. Virginia predicts these three to be near the top of the list for high-growth occupations in the field.

Customer service representatives

It’s expected that there will be nearly 6,000 new CSR positions in the state by 2024. This can be a great entry-level job to get started at a company.

Office clerks

An office clerk handles customers, phone calls, and record keeping. It’s a great job for a detail-oriented person and over 5,000 positions are expected to open up.


Receptionists handle many day-to-day tasks in a company, including getting customers checked in and handling scheduling. This is perfect for multi-taskers.

While jobs in this field aren’t usually high paying, they do help you gain more experience. That experience can often be turned into a promotion down the line.


As companies grow so does their need for increased security on all fronts. Because of this, jobs in the physical and digital security markets are expected to rise in Virginia in the next few years.

Information security analysts

They create a company’s digital security plan and choose security software.

Nearly 3,000 new analyst jobs are expected to appear before 2024. It requires a bachelor’s degree, but with an average salary of over $100,000 … it’s worth it.

Security guards

Virginia expects over 4,000 new security guard jobs to open up in the next three years. Doing security for a company is a great way to gain experience for other protection careers, like law enforcement.

Security is a huge industry, gaining experience now could open more doors in the future.

If you’re in Virginia and you’re ready for a career change, one of these fast-growing jobs might be right for you. Keep what you’ve read today in mind as you begin your search.

Story by Bilal Sajjad. Sajjad is a full-time writer who loves to write about home improvement, buy and sell new homes and is good at writing about property as well.

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