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If you have accessibility to a plotter and have PDF files that you desire to print in a huge poster-sized layout, then you can accomplish it with the help of many tools. A plotter is a large-format printer intended to produce plans, engineering diagrams, and sometimes charts. A plotter, on the other hand, can print almost everything.

Because PDF files are flexible, you can raise the displayed scale of the document without altering the content or visuals. It merely takes some button presses to print PDF files on a wide-format plotter. In contrast, PLT or “plotter” pictures are specially created for printing with plotters or similar comparable plotting machines as compared to any equivalent forms.

Getting a decent item of technology such as reaConverter, is the quickest and easiest approach to manage your documents. This program manages a huge spectrum of bulk transformations very well. Because you will eventually learn, reaConverter will save you from wasting numerous hours attempting to find out ways to transform several PDF files at the same time.

  • Download and install: reaConverter is simple to download, run, and use, and you don’t have to be an IT expert to grasp the way it works in a couple of moments.
  • Load documents: Start reaConverter and upload the PDF file to be converted. Because it supports batch converting, you can upload many more documents as you want.  You may either choose them separately or drag and drag files into the software interface. When dealing with a huge number of PDFs mingled in with all the forms in a subfolder, the Advanced document choose feature might be useful because it allows you to instantly pick a particular extension.
  • Choosing an output folder: Navigate to the saving settings tab and select a location to store new.plt documents.  If the plt button isn’t present, then clicking the plus button will show you the all-available formats that are supported. You can also take a few extra seconds to tweak the photographs that are ready for a transformation.
  • Creating the file conversion: After selecting PLT, slide the pointer over the icon and tap on the Settings button in the top left corner. Mark the checkbox adjacent to Create optimized PLT when you click it. You can also get to this window by taking the next route: Menu, Format saving settings, PLT.
  • Location of the output file: Then select where you want your final document to be saved: in a personal drive of your choosing or immediately online, utilizing one of the available cloud storage services. Lastly, press Begin, and the plotter-ready documents will be prepared in no moment
  • Command line interface: Advanced users can convert PDF to PLT via command-line interface in automated or manual mode as per their requirement of files.


The main benefit of printing with a plotting device over laser or inkjet printers is that a vector may be used as data input. As a result, PLTs are highly useful for producing architecture designs as well as banners, flyers, as well as other huge images.

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