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Raw data export from Google Analytics

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When you make a decision, you want to be sure of its correctness. Thus, you collect information about your customers, analyze it, and build reports based on it. But not all information is equally useful. Like on the market, vegetables and fruits need to be checked before buying. Before building reports and changing something in your marketing strategy, make sure your information is complete and qualitative.

Information is the fuel on which your reports work. Naturally, when you have complete and high-quality information, you make more informed decisions. In the end, it all affects your marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at how can Google Analytics export raw data without any restrictions.

When you got raw data from Google Analytics, you can analyze advertising campaigns with accuracy and build detailed reports. By combining raw data from GA with information from CRM, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign based on the margin and redeemability of your items.

There are 4 ways for you to export raw data

  1. You can use Google Analytics APIs for export. The Core Reporting API makes it possible to get metrics and dimensions in a chosen view in Google Analytics. Also, it enables you to receive information about each hit.

How does an API answer the sampling problem? You can avoid sampling if the website traffic isn’t too high, and you choose a shorter period of the report. Unfortunately, you should use lots of SQL-queries to arrange unsampled data, so for big companies, this solution isn’t a great one. But if you want to use it as a temporary option for a small business, it will work.

Be aware that there are some limitations in using Google Analytics API — the amount of information you can export in 24 hours and a number of metrics and dimensions. Besides, the question is: where will you store all the data? The obvious answer is — use data storage services like Google BigQuery.

It’s a paid service but you only have to pay for the data that is stored and processed there. Also, you’ve got the first 10 gigabytes of data storing for free. The service is great but it can seem a bit messy for newbies.

  1. The paid service of Google Analytics 360 allows exporting raw data (hit and session-level) but it’s quite expensive. If you must get real-time user behavior data, GA360 can be very costly. The data tables are updated every 8 hours, and you have to pay extra for updates every 15 minutes. And remember that you’ve already paid for it!
  2. In case you’ve got time, money, and a good team of developers, you can build your own connector to export the needed information. Simply talking, you need to duplicate the hits that are sent from your website to GA and send them to another data storage. It sounds easy, but it will take a lot of time and effort to implement.
  3. With OWOX BI, you can export all hits directly from your website (clicks, actions, etc.) in almost real-time, and send them into Google BigQuery. Merging raw data from GA into BigQuery provides you with such opportunities as:
  • An unlimited number of custom dimensions (whereas in standard GA, you have only 20 custom dimensions and in GA360 — 200).
  • You can create reports for any period with an unlimited number (and combinations) of metrics and dimensions.
  • You can collect and process personal user data (emails and phone numbers).

You can try OWOX BI for free and experience all its unique features on your own.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to export data without sampling and restrictions. You need to identify and use the most appropriate method for you.

If you are interested to learn more about export opportunities, we advise you to read a detailed article.

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