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Rasoul releases plan to ensure right to vote for every Virginian

sam rasoul
Sam Rasoul

Roanoke Del. Sam Rasoul released on Friday his plan to ensure the right to vote is never taken away from any Virginia citizen and get corporate money out of Virginia politics.

The plan’s release follows Rasoul’s endorsement this week from Del. Cia Price (D-95), co-author of the Virginia Voting Rights Act.

In 2017, Rasoul, a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for lieutenant governor, was the only member of the General Assembly to reject all corporate PAC donations, and in his campaign for Lieutenant Governor, he has pledged that every dollar into his campaign will be from individual donors only.

Rasoul’s plan includes:

  • Ensuring the ability to vote is never taken away, including for the incarcerated
  • Expanding automatic voter registration to government agencies beyond the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Instituting ranked-choice voting
  • Banning corporate political donations
  • Instituting maximum individual contribution limits
  • Exploring a small-donor public financing system for Virginia

Read the full plan on Rasoul’s website.

“In states across the South, we’ve seen Republican governors and legislatures this year enact vicious voter suppression laws. Luckily, the Democratic majority in Virginia has moved us in the opposite direction,” said Rasoul. “Now is the time to go further and join other states by ensuring that the right to vote is never taken away, and putting measures in place that curb the undue influence of corporate greed on our elections.”

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