Rash of thefts from parked vehicles in Waynesboro: Police report

policeThe Waynesboro Police Department wants to caution citizens about a resurgence in the number of thefts from vehicles that have been reported.  While this type of criminal act is common during the spring and summer months, officers have taken seventeen reports since May 1, 2016.  However, it is likely that the number is higher because some victims decide against reporting them to the Police Department.  It is not known if all the reported thefts were committed by one or several individuals working together.

In the reported incidents, several thousand dollars’ worth of valuables were taken including purses and wallets with cash, credit cards and check books, electronics (including iPads, laptops, cell phones), cigarettes, car stereo, golf clubs and tools.  In one incident, a victim reported over $5,300 worth of tools stolen.

The perpetrators usually enter vehicles overnight while they are parked in driveways or on city streets. Although, some do happen in broad daylight in busy areas.  In the majority of the reported incidents, the vehicles were left unlocked and the valuables were in plain view.  No particular part of the city experiences more thefts than others;  this type of activity is pervasive.

Areas of the city that have already seen larcenies from vehicles:

  • Tree Streets neighborhood
  • Ram Works Condominiums
  • Quadrangle Apartments
  • Pelham Ave neighborhood
  • Wayne Hills neighborhood
  • Fairway Hills neighborhood
  • Club Court neighborhood
  • Evershire subdivision
  • Residences on Arch Ave, North Augusta Ave, North Bath Ave, Madison Street

These crimes are difficult to solve and victims rarely get their belongings back.  Since this is a crime of opportunity, the Police Department hopes citizens will lessen their chances of being victimized by following some simple suggestions.

  1. Remove all valuables from vehicles when left unattended.
  2. Lock vehicle doors, even if parked in driveways or carports.

If you are a victim of this type of crime, please report it to the Police Department by calling  the Waynesboro Emergency Operations Center  at (540) 942-6701.


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