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Ranking the top 8 items people are buying online

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As the technologies are developing constantly, the ways we do regular things also change. For example, now you don’t have to leave your place to eat delicious pizza – you can order it online. Besides, you can purchase whatever you want, and some things users are spending money on are unusual items. SlotV platform is also on this list. Anyway, let’s get familiar with this ranking.

New gadgets

We can hardly imagine our day without a smartphone. While different other gadgets are used while cleaning the house, cooking, playing games, watching films. That’s why this category is in the first position. Users order new phones, laptops, headphones, and loads of other devices by visiting online shops and spending their funds on these websites.

Buying clothes

Yes, it’s another thing users can’t resist, so giants like eBay and loads of other platforms offer to buy brand clothes and do it for an affordable price. So no need to visit a shopping center to get a new pair of shoes or a pair of jeans. Just click on the icons of any online store, use your credit card and that’s it.

Ordering food

This category is both for those who don’t like cooking and the ones who enjoy parties and entertainment. Though sometimes all these things can be just about one user. You can order a ready-made dinner when being hungry and too busy to cook it yourself, while great and fun parties can’t go without pizza or delicious cupcakes. Users spend really a lot on ordering food online.

Spending in online casinos

This part is for those who like online games and don’t mind taking risks as well. Users don’t have to visit real-life establishments, pay real money to try out these games. Though playing for real funds also takes place. That’s how it works.

  • This industry is tightly controlled by the authorities, so visitors can rely on the licenses the casinos have.
  • The range of games is stunning, while more and more titles appear daily. Strong companies like Booongo and NetEnt supply the software.
  • Online casinos offer presents to the visitors: a welcome bonus, regular offers, VIP program with statuses.
  • There is a demo mode: gamblers can play for free 24/7.
  • Playing on mobile gadgets is another worthy thing.

Computer games

The fans of online games will enjoy not only the described above slots, so some users prefer a bit more serious games. And in order to improve the skills of the character, players often buy weapons, various skins, and other things that make the game more interesting. What to say about buying the games, so online stores like Steam or Origin allow players not to buy disks and download games online (some of them can even be free).

Paying for entertainment and services

Of course, paying for music, films, and other kinds of entertainment is also available online, so it’s another thing users pay for on the Internet. You can subscribe to different channels to watch new movies, buy new albums of your favorite singers, pay for different programs and tools to upgrade them. So yes, software is also the thing to purchase online.


Some users prefer not only spending funds for their needs, so donations are also popular among online customers. They can be donations for children, animals, various organizations. While some people prefer watching streams of bloggers and donate during these transactions. It all just depends on the preferences.


Just imagine: you can stay at home and buy tickets on a bus, train, plane, whatever you want. Besides, you can pay for a taxi or even buy a car online.

To sum up, users pay online for many things: clothes, food, new slots, music, gadgets, and loads of other things. So the web is wide and users can definitely find something for their tastes.

Story by Peter Ognev

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