Ralph Northam submits petitions for ballot access

ralph northamLt. Gov. Ralph Northam’s campaign submitted 30,170 petition signatures to qualify for ballot access for this year’s gubernatorial race.

The number is 20,000 signatures more than the required total. The Northam campaign was the first Democratic campaign to submit its signatures, and will appear first on June’s primary ballot.

Campaign Manager Brad Komar said of the submission:

“Ralph Northam’s message of taking on the NRA, defending a woman’s right to choose, and creating economic opportunity for all Virginians is resonating across the Commonwealth.

“Submitting more than 30,000 signatures far exceeded our expectations and is a clear indication of grassroots support for Lieutenant Governor Northam’s candidacy. With thousands turning up at our campaign events, and more than 34,000 contributions, 94% of which are $100 or less, as of the last quarter, we are in a strong position heading into April.”

You can also find a web video on the petition submissions, here.

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