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Ralph Northam isn’t a good excuse to change our stock graphic

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A reader anonymously raised issue with a stock graphic that we use for stories on state issues that doesn’t color in the Eastern Shore as being part of Virginia.

“Just thought you fine folks might want to know that, since the stock graphic you’re using for the broadband announcement from the governor – an Eastern Shore native himself – lops off that detached portion of the Commonwealth,” the reader, signed “Off the Map,” informed us. “What’s worse, the release even makes mention of Accomack and Northampton counties, the two counties that comprise the Eastern Shore.

“Please use a more accurate graphic.”

Have to admit, I’d not noticed that the graphic didn’t have the Eastern Shore colored in.

Also have to admit: bringing up Ralph Northam as part of the pitch to “use a more accurate graphic” isn’t helping the case.

I’m thinking of an editorial campaign to pressure the next governor, Glenn Youngkin, to offer Accomack and Northampton counties (total population: around 46,000) to Maryland, straight up, no quid pro quo, no questions asked.

If we get them to take the offer (suckers!), we can then work to rewrite Northam out of our history – no more blackface scandal, no more facetime for him to browbeat people over COVID rules that he himself didn’t feel compelled to follow.

If only Tom Perriello had won the nomination back in ’17.

Youngkin is still running his hedge fund, Jennifer Carroll Foy is governor.


Anyway, don’t use Ralph Northam to convince us to change a stock graphic that we’re using, because, won’t work.

Story by Chris Graham

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