Ralph Northam on Graham-Cassidy Senate failure

Dr. Ralph Northam comments on the U.S. Senate’s latest failure to pass Graham-Cassidy, an attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act that would have put the healthcare of over 800,000 Virginians at risk.

ralph northam“Trump-Lobbyist Ed Gillespie refused to take a position on a bill that jeopardized healthcare for over 800,000 Virginians and cut $1.2 billion from healthcare in Virginia. As a doctor, the fundamental principle that guides my work is do no harm. Graham-Cassidy would have done the commonwealth’s healthcare system and economy senseless harm, and all for politics. Let this second spectacular failure to enact Trumpcare settle it: it is time for Congress to work on a bipartisan fix to and stabilization of the Affordable Care Act. Republicans must join the rest of the country in agreeing that the better way to cover more patients for less money is to build on the Affordable Care Act’s progress.

“It will take real leadership to do the right thing for the American people and work on ensuring access to quality, affordable healthcare. In the richest country in the world, no family should be one medical emergency or illness away from financial demise. I’m disappointed that my opponent would not join me in decrying the obvious — this bill would have done Virginians harm. We have all the tools to lead and innovate on making access to quality, affordable healthcare real for thousands of Virginians. As governor, I’ll keep fighting to expand Medicaid in the commonwealth and work to close our coverage gap for good.”

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