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Raiders, Steelers have NFL’s toughest schedules

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According to the odds-makers at, based upon its unique strength-of-schedule formula – which uses the projected over/under win totals for every team’s opponent – the Raiders and Steelers have the toughest schedule in 2021, while the 49ers and Browns have the easiest road to the NFL Playoffs.

The odds-makers at @SBD ( calculated the Over/Under win total for Raiders opponents at 153.5, while Steelers opponents are projected to win 152.8 games.  Rounding out the top five toughest schedules for 2021 are; Texans (151.8), Bengals (150.8) and Lions (150.1).  Conversely with a combined 138.2 projected wins, 49ers opponents are expected to win 15.3 less games than the Raiders foes.  The other easiest schedules include the Browns (141.9), Broncos (142.4), Buccaneers (142.6) and Jaguars (142.7).

The average over/under win totals from the major U.S. sportsbook for each team is available here

“Most strength-of-schedule formulas use a team’s record from the previous year, but that is very flawed. Free-agency, trades, coaching changes and crucial players returning from injury can all quickly change a team’s fortunes.” said Matt McEwan, who created the formula for “Odds-makers take all of this into account and are looking forward instead of backwards when they set win totals for each team, making it the best reflection of their expectations. Last year, if you bet the Under on the win total for the five teams with the toughest schedules, you would have gone 4-0-1; if you bet the Over for the five teams with the easiest schedules, you would have gone 4-1.”

Here’s a look at the strength-of-schedule for all 32 teams.

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@SBD 2021 NFL Strength of Schedule

  1. Las Vegas Raiders 153.5
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers 152.8
  3. Houston Texans 151.8
  4. Cincinnati Bengals 150.8
  5. Detroit Lions 150.1
  6. Washington 150
  7. Arizona Cardinals 149.1
  8. New Orleans Saints 148.9
  9. Chicago Bears 148.6
  10. New York Giants 148.3
  11. Kansas City Chiefs 147.9
  12. Baltimore Ravens 147.8
  13. Los Angeles Rams 147.2
  14. Minnesota Vikings 146.9
  15. Green Bay Packers 146.3
  16. Seattle Seahawks 145.6
  17. New England Patriots 145.4
  18. Philadelphia Eagles 145.1
  19. Atlanta Falcons 145
  20. Los Angeles Chargers 144.9
  21. New York Jets 144.1
  22. Tennessee Titans 143.8
  23. Carolina Panthers 143.3
  24. Buffalo Bills 143.2
  25. Miami Dolphins 142.9
  26. Indianapolis Colts 142.8
  27. Dallas Cowboys 142.8
  28. Jacksonville Jaguars 142.7
  29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 142.6
  30. Denver Broncos 142.4
  31. Cleveland Browns 141.9
  32. San Francisco 49ers 138.2

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