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Radiesse is a unique gel-based on pure calcium hydroxyapatite

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Radiesse is one of the safest dermal fillers available on the market. FDA certification approved the drug and permits registration of the drug for use in 2011.

Radiesse injections provide unmatched wrinkle filling results, voluminous lifting, and radical skin rejuvenation. The gel composition stimulates cell fibroblasts to produce natural collagen and elastin. A feature of the Radiesse dermal filler is that it provides a long-lasting correction for up to 12 months and even longer. The process of destruction of the filler is safe, so the compatibility of the gel with skin tissues is quite high. And yet, is the Radiesse result so perfect?

Why can’t I use Radiesse?

Radiesse contains complex chemical compounds, so the patient may have a natural sensitivity to the composition of the gel. This should be kept in mind by the doctor. Considering all the contraindications to the use of the filler, the specialist must collect information about the patient’s condition before the session. This type of injection can only be performed by qualified doctors who have been trained in the use of dermal fillers. Our EuroMex online shop is the official supplier of Radiesse dermal fillers. We supply quality and certified products. To learn more about ordering Radiesse online, you can contact our manager.

Radiesse products may also contain lidocaine, so if a patient is sensitive to this substance, they should tell their doctor. The filler is forbidden to enter into vessels, tendons, and joints, as this can lead to thrombosis. Radiesse can cause tissue damage when inserted into the lips, around the eyes, and into areas with thin skin. The filler may cause sealing under the blade. After injection, normal swelling of the skin is slight swelling, redness, and bruising. If these symptoms persist for more than 10 days and increase their are increasing, you should consult a doctor.

The safety and efficacy of Radiesse has not been tested in:

  1. Radiesse interactions with implants of another kind or firm;
  2. Introduction during pregnancy or lactation;
  3. Use of injections for minors;

The doctor should discuss with the patient the following conditions:

  • Diabetes, autoimmune diseases;
  • Oncology;
  • Infectious diseases and skin damage;
  • Presence of purulent formations and the tendency of skin to form scars;
  • Illnesses associated with poor blood clotting.

Injuries to the skin after injection may be at risk of infection and adverse reactions. Therefore, patients are advised to prevent this. First of all, you should stop taking antibiotics, aspirin, vitamins and mineral supplements for a  this period. These drugs can reduce the action of the filler and cause bleeding under the skin. You also need to minimize sun exposure and solarium. This activity can be resumed 3 weeks after injection. In general, it is not necessary to be in rooms with a sharp change of temperature, this has a bad effect on the integrity of the dermal fillers. After the introduction session, Radiesse is forbidden:

  1. The first 12 hours to apply decorative cosmetics and wash.
  2. The first 2-3 days to drink alcohol and nicotine;
  3. Attend a sports hall during the week;
  4. 2-3 weeks to cancel a hike in the pool, sauna, bath;
  5. For 21-30 days use exfoliation and laser facial treatments;

Despite the fact that Radiesse is actively used in cosmetology, it is in demand in other areas. Dermal filler is used in surgery, dentistry, and urology. You can see a variety of Radiesse preparations in our dermal fillers catalog. We offer fast Surfis, original products and great prices for you!

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