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Quarantine won’t halt your chances: 5 tips for aspiring student-athletes during break

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Your whole life is closely interlinked with sports and do you dream of being part of a basketball or hockey team at your university? But are you worried that because of distance learning and the cancellation of competitions, all plans are crumbling? Stop worrying and reconfigure your mode, turning it into confidence and assertiveness. Cleverly distribute your free time on the right things; you will have every chance to turn this pause into positive results.

Of course, you can’t know for sure how a long pause will affect college recruitment processes, but it’s not the time to give up. You can increase your chances by maximizing efforts aimed at sports training, strategy planning, and preparing for entry. The following steps will help you with this and bring you closer to entering the university in the best conditions.

Improve Your Physical Performance

It doesn’t take much effort to neglect to work on yourself in such circumstances, because there are only constraints and very few motivators to continue developing. But if you set a goal to get a scholarship or to become an athlete in college, you should not stop yourself. Keep fit and focus on the weak points that you should tighten to improve the game – endurance or speed, flexibility, or accuracy. Also, do not forget about stretching and caring for the muscles to avoid any chances of getting injured. Primarily focus on cardio because, without constant loads, your speed will decrease by 10-20 percent.

Improve Your Grades and Prepare for Exams

Of course, you need to score the required points to qualify for the university of dreams. Now a lot of time freed up for you to focus all your attention on study. Therefore, it is worth allocating two hours that you spent on a fun to prepare for exams. Since you need to show your advanced level not only as an athlete but also as a person who knows how to combine study and sport, it is worth improving your chances of passing ACT and SAT to a high score. If you want extra time to focus on the SAT, be sure to save some time on homework, getting a custom research paper when needed.

Get Ready for All Stages of Your Recruitment

It is usually the most stressful part of applying for college and college. Therefore, give yourself the whole day or two making a list of everything you need to prepare for admission, register on all resources, and get comprehensive information on the recruitment process. Here are the main points that you should do shortly.

  • Get advice from your trainer, ask about all the possible options, and agree on references with him. It is a necessary part to apply for your scholarship, so try to get the best reviews from all past and present coaches.
  • Create your athletics CV if you still don’t have it. Include all your achievements, participation in various tournaments, championships, don’t forget to mention your role as a result of the game. Do not forget to indicate all your performances and moments of the game that you can be proud of, such as the best times or distances.
  • Create your profile at the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • You will need to send a competitive video. Plan and prepare all the information for the recruitment video needed and get some hints from professionals on how to do it right.
  • Look for a university that will best suit your requirements and desires. Perhaps you already have in mind the best university that you want to go to since childhood. You can look for safe replacement options because there are many competing colleges in the country worth your attention. Check their requirements as well as what options for admission they offer. The more choices you have, the more understanding in general what conditions are right, worthy for you.

Consider a couple of college options that may suit you as a student-athlete. If you are more open to different options, you will have more chances to get a scholarship and a place at the university, so try to explore various universities and opportunities. Create a list of universities and colleges according to your rating, focusing on distance, prestige, price, and conditions provided to athletes.

When comparing parameters, mark universities of your dreams with some calm attitude, and those with high chances to get. With such a realistic approach to choosing a university, you will always be ready for selection failures. You will be able to use Plan B if the dream university remains a dream.

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