Python iPhone cases: Tips on choosing from Labodet Store

apple iphoneStatus implies a lot and even more. Luxurious attributes underline public position and demonstrate a character. Mobile phones are a common thing today, but it is possible to distinguish yourself by a lavish leather phone cover. The best python iPhone cases can be found at the Parisian store Labodet. However, there is a question of how to define an ideal deluxe material for your device cover. There are some useful hints.

Verify original leather

Some producers and sellers tout artificial leather as a natural one. Hence, you must be attentive. First, remember that skin of exotic animals like crocodiles, snakes, alligators, and so on cannot be cheap. Here are also some extra factors to identify true python leather:

  • There are a lot of small plane scales
  • Material is thin and elastic
  • Skin is soft to touch and silky
  • Pattern is symmetrical
  • Form of scales is lozenge or crystal-like

Original leather also grows obsolete very nobly. As a raw material, skin is very hardwearing. It saves devices from high humidity and overheating. Also, it is stable to small scratches, chafes, and gentle beats. Finally, leather iPhone covers will be functional, beautiful, luxurious, and durable.

Choose a color

Today, manufacturers offer a huge variety of tones to dye cases in. Also, there are many color combinations that fit every taste. If you wish to choose the best for you, you must check your clothes and accessories to find the dominant gamma. The Labodet store proposes the customization of cases; so, you can order something unique and suitable for your needs.

Decide what case type matches your requirements

It may surprise and confuse you, but there is a great assortment of cover models on the market. How to choose one? It is necessary to study the pros and cons of each one.

  • Classic. These covers are the most popular. On one hand, they are good protectors for the backside of a gadget, and on the other hand, the screen will be vulnerable to damages. However, the biggest variety of colors, prints, and additions is available for these case types.
  • With supplements. You can find models with cardholders and MagSafe. It is very useful for people who prefer to have the most important documents at hand or whose iPhones die suddenly and often. The largest disadvantage is linked with the space needed for such a case. It means that your phone will take more place in a hand, bag, or pocket but not so much to throttle back this option.
  • All-round protection. This group includes Folio and Pouch cover models. Both of them perfectly save not only the screen but also the back from harm. However, there is a diffused opinion that such cases are out-of-date. Nevertheless, with a stylish look provided by the Labodet designers, no one will consider your choice old-fashioned.
  • With a strap. This cover type could be in the group with other supplements, but we put it separately to emphasize your attention on it because it is very popular. Most bloggers and business people who work via the phone prefer these covers because they make holding the device easier. Unfortunately, there is one big disadvantage: you can’t combine straps with other supplements.
  • Cross-body. If you think that cases on the neck are in the past, you are mistaken. Fashion is cyclic, and this model is trendy again. A cross-body case allows you to keep your phone safe, protect from damages in the pocket, have free hands, and look dressy. Great combo!

We hope this list would be enough for you to find the ideal luxury python iPhone case and keep your device safe, functional, and beautiful.

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