Protect your children from too much screen time during a house quarantine 

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Due to the social distancing policy that several governments implemented around the world, classes got cancelled. It means that parents have to be at home with their children and help them learn. The classes moved from being in an actual class to an online environment. It’s a good thing that the learning process still continues despite the social distancing policy. The downside is that children now have more screen time than usual. They have to spend more time on their phones and computers.

It’s alarming since, under normal circumstances, you won’t allow your child to use a gadget for several hours. You understand the health risks that come with it. However, since we are in an unprecedented situation, the least that you can do is to offer protection.

Set rules 

Since your child now has to spend more time on the phone to study the lessons, the video gaming time needs to go. You can’t let your child study online and also play online games. It will consume several hours and isn’t a healthy practice at all. You can get back to the usual routine once the quarantine period is over. For now, everyone has to make sacrifices, including your children.

Find other activities 

You have to be creative in teaching the lesson. As a parent, you now understand how challenging the role of the teacher is. The best thing to do is to think as a teacher would. Find a way to deliver the lessons creatively. Sure, you will receive online resources to help achieve the objectives, but they’re not enough. You also have to look for other ways to reach the same goal, but without using devices. You can conduct experiments, hands-on projects, card games, board games, and many others.

Purchase radiation protection

If you have children in high school or university, they have to stay home and continue their academic studies. It means that they need to do online classes with their teachers. They also have to research further information on the Internet. Being in front of a computer is inevitable. The least you can do is to purchase EMF protection. You can use it to block radiation from entering the body. One of the reasons why too much screen time is dangerous is due to radiation. It could cause a lot of possible illnesses, including cancer. You don’t want your children to develop these diseases because they have to study at home for at least a month.

Find other activities you can do as a family

During regular days, you always have excuses for not having family game nights. Everyone is busy and exhausted. This time, everyone is at home and might even run out of things to do. It’s the perfect chance to try doing other activities as a family. These activities don’t need to involve computers and mobile phones. It will strengthen the bond as a family and also take time away from the screen.

You have to find the means to ensure that your children are learning without getting too much screen time. You stay at home to protect them from the virus, but it could lead to other health issues. The truth is that it also applies to you if you have to work from home.

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