How to protect your home from fire

wildfire-seasonEvery summer thousands of families are exposed to the threat of wildfires, which can affect their property and lives. Prepare yourself for a house fire so that you can know what to do without panicking. Your priority is to secure yourself and your family and nothing else. You must act fast because timing is critical.



You should start an immediate evacuation of your property in case of fire. The old people and young children should be the first to leave the house. Panicking could be critical for the case, so you should stay concentrated and take immediate measures.

Evacuation should happen as soon as possible and if its possible. If the fire spreads out into the wild, then you should use a vehicle to escape because the roads can be a dangerous place. You should also try not to breathe the smoke due to the fact that it can kill you.


Take Measures

To reduce risks of being affected by a nearby fire, it is suggested to remove all fire hazards such as the timber and long grass throughout the fire season. Trees close to the house can be quite dangerous. According to the Canadian government, the city of Toronto experiences 3.5% increase of fire emergencies.

Reach the protective clothing and try to dress as fast as possible in case you need to help someone stuck in the house. However, you should not put your life in danger to take the protective clothing, and you must act fast.

Rarely anyone has specialized protective clothing. That’s why, natural clothes, jeans, cotton or woolen shirts should provide you with enough protection. Don’t cover with a thick jacket because the heat will kill you.


Water Is Your Best Friend

Make sure that all taps inside and outside are working and there’s enough water. There should always be a way for the water to reach every corner of your property and you must have buckets ready.

During a fire, we suggest filling up the bathtub and all sinks. This way you can fill buckets quickly and stop the fire from spreading.

Embers from fire located outside can destroy the inside of your home, so make sure that all windows are closed. However, never lock the windows given the fact that you will need an easy escape route.


Extra Precautions

After you are sure that everyone is at a safe distance from the fire, you must call the emergency fire crews immediately. Every individual should know the phone number they should call. They are usually three digits in length, and they vary in different countries.

For citizens located in Toronto, SteadFast Fire Safety Services provide fire protection in Toronto with an emergency number to call in case any fire problems arise. Steadfast works on the territory of Toronto for the past twenty-five years and has never fallen to provide quality services to their clients.

If the fire is outside your house, try to make the surroundings as wet as possible. Keep an eye of the fire because ember can get under the roof and burn the house down. Always follow the instructions of the fire crew when they arrive.

After everything has settled down, you must inspect the affected area and look out for a renewed fire attack.

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