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Check your credit card statement for the past month today and you’ll probably find a handful of recurring charges for your favorite subscription based apps.

Subscriptions are everywhere now, and it’s hard to imagine how one could manage without the fast delivery of Amazon Prime, near unlimited movie selection of Netflix, or a curated collection of more than 130 top Mac apps on Setapp that could help optimize any aspect of your life.

Best Subscription Services Right Now

The value of subscriptions fluctuates heavily, but with a certain level of certainty you can say that they mostly offer a bargain in terms of monthly or annual payments compared to purchasing the subject matter outright. For example, buying all the apps on Setapp would require thousands of dollars, which is worth decades of being a member.

Another benefit of all top subscription services is the absence of commitment. You can try what’s on offer, use it for a month, and cancel if it’s not what you expected. No strings attached. No buying the thing outright. It’s a lower risk for a higher reward.

Generally, the best subscription services treat their customers like members rather than one-time shoppers. While customers make the vendor’s revenue more predictable, vendors really listen to their subscribers’ feedback and use it to improve their offering. Such two-way bond helps both sides at the same time.

Last but not least, in the busy world we live in now, time is everything — and subscription services for the most part promise to save us hundreds of hours by automating often routine and undesirable tasks, such as looking for the right website to download a movie or music album.

Core benefits of Setapp

A popular subscription service like Setapp incorporates all four points listed above. First, it gives members unlimited access to its platform of more than 130 hand-picked apps (and growing) and charges a small monthly subscription fee for it (or even smaller annual fee).

Setapp also comes with a free seven-day trial, during which users can try all the apps they might be interested in. And even in case a user decides to sign up, they can cancel their subscription at any time, no questions asked.

There are no subscribers or users on Setapp — there are members. Setapp is essentially a club, with a thriving, helping community on social media. Any suggestion or request sent to Setapp is discussed by the development team and gets picked up in case it speaks to the product’s vision.

Finally, Setapp is the ultimate time-saver. Just remember the last occasion when you were looking for an app that does something specific, say, downloads a video from YouTube — how many hours did you spend vetting various options and crawling through gigabytes of spam?

A platform like Setapp gives you the tools you need for any digital job right away. Instead of wasting time in Google, just write what you need to do in Setapp’s search bar and it’ll present you with the app you should use. Works like magic.

To list just a few apps available on Setapp and how they can help you:

  • Gifox for making GIFs on the go
  • Paste for an infinite clipboard
  • Squash for seamless file compression
  • Ulysses for distraction-free writing
  • CleanMyMac X for optimizing your computer
  • and more than 130 others

Choose only the top subscription services

So subscriptions today are completely ubiquitous. In fact, it’s not rare to hear the term “subscription fatigue” when talking about how every little service now gets its own monthly charge.

To avoid this feeling of “fatigue,” select only those subscription based apps that give you the maximum benefit for the buck. Something you’d definitely struggle without. And as any modern business person would tell you, there’s nothing they’d get rid of faster than continuously looking for new software to solve old problems. Truth is they just need Setapp.

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