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Proper device is required for online trading

There are many people interested in trading in online. The reason is money is earned quickly, and result is seen immediately by the investor. Of course, many investors are aware about the share market risk. Once the government is not facing any trouble, the company premium would be in same position, or it would be going up in the market. Once the government is facing financial crisis the trade would be down. The shares sold at the 1 dollar would be sold for 25 cents. This is very big loss for the investor, when he has no option to retain the share with this amount; he is selling the share and losing his money.

Many persons are working in a company and trading in their free time, even they loss their entire month salary in share trading. In some cases, a business person is trading and losing his money, he is unable to do his business, and he is borrowing money from others. Even he is paying high interest to mange his business. Money is the main key for all in life, in case, if they do not care about the money, in share trading, this would be their time pass as gambling. In gambling a gambler is not expecting any money, but once he wins the game, he is quite happy, with the game, he wins ten times in the game, he forgets the loss in the gambling game. Similarly a person who is trading in share market, he is buying many shares and in one stage he is not able to recover his money, the company is bottom position. The reason is those companies are failing in their targeted sales, those companies are suffering to pay the income tax and other taxes, at this point of view a leading company may undertake those companies, after many months, those companies share would be in better price, but it takes even one complete year or more years, all it depends slow growth of those companies.


One must learn the share trading by watching

One person should have to watch the share trading when other person is trading with trading simulator, this is specially made device, and all the shares would be appearing on the screen jak na forex. The bright share companies are displayed in green color, the dull companies shares would be displayed in red color. The red color indicates the danger symbol, which means the owners of these shares must be ready to sell these shares, because those shares would fall even more to low level, wise owners of those shares would be selling at this time, and escaping from heavy loss.

The some loss would be manageable because, they would get fifty cents for one dollar, if they miss the chance; they would get only ten cents for invested one dollar amount for a single share. There are also gainers in these share market, these people are happy with little money earned from shares. In case, these people are buying hundred dollars from a company, for hundred dollars, once all shares reach to hundred and fifty dollars, selling them immediately. Gaining fifty dollars for the day, the same company at the end of the market would be falling from the price and it would be only ten cents. Immediate purchase and immediate disposal of the shares would not harm any investors. At the same time, a owner of the share is waiting to grow the share amount, would be facing many ups and downs. Because investing in share market is based on the market risk, many people understand market trend, even they could have a device with the during the market trading hours, they could buy and sell the shares based on the market trend.


Trading knowledge could be learned only from loss

It is an easy to earn money from shares. Same time, a person should have to learn before investing money. He should be able to understand investing money on share trading is absolutely risk based. Same time, he should able to understand he could even earn money from one dollar to ten dollars. Many people think only positive and that is the reason share trade market is busy always, many new companies are also issuing share applications through online and offline. In case, the people are facing only loss, the governments would ban the share trading, of course now the government is encouraging a private limited company to become public limited company. Private limited means a person has owned the company. Public limited company means the company is owned by group of people. Once a company is flourishing, that company calls all its share holders and offering incentive money plus premium money and those people are quite happy for investing money to that particular company, these share holders would never sell their shares, and they are pride to be owners of a company. This particular company would be involved in many businesses as confectionaries and eateries and oil production, fuel supply all earning money business.

In that case, the company would be only in upward, the company would undertake many small companies. These companies are hiring more and more qualified people to run the company only in the upward. Other companies could not do the business in this manner and that is the reason the other companies are unable to do such business that is the reason all these companies are earning low income and down fall in the share market. However, the governments warns the companies once these companies are in sick, in many ways government is helping to these companies by reducing the taxes, giving many pampering to these companies to go up in the market, good companies are taking advantages of these considerations provided to them. Government is always looking all companies and their money transactions, earning companies are collected more taxes, the owing companies are provided considerations to lift the company in good manner. However wise investors are earning money from share trading without fail, because they are with good trading knowledge.

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