Prominent VVP partner Amit Raizada invests in Team Echo Fox

Amit Raizada is a well-known investor and entrepreneur who has a legacy of impressive achievements. He is the founder of Spectrum Business Ventures, a company that has business interests in a variety of industries, including finance, technology, energy and eSports. He has acquired and sold assets worth up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Furthermore, he has a track record of successfully investing in winning companies such as Stone Financial Services, AT&T, HDFilms and Select Quote. However, it is his latest investment in eSports company Echo Fox that is currently making news in the sports and finance industries.

businessThe Amit Raizada eSports entrepreneur investment is backed by Vision Venture Partners, a firm that is composed of industry experts who know how to invest in companies that have the potential to grow exponentially in a short amount of time. VVP partner Jace Hall is famous in the gaming industry for his ability to successfully design and market game titles. Stratton Sclavos is the former CEO of VeriSign who enabled the company to become a NASDAQ-traded corporation valued at over $25 billion. Rick Fox has a track record for successfully using his traditional sports background to increase an awareness of all that e-sports have to offer. Together, the four highly successful men hope to turn Echo Fox into a leading e-sports company that will be an industry leader both now and in the future. They recently announced that they are hiring former NBA star and Front Office executive Jared Jeffries as president of Echo Fox.

Echo Fox was founded in 2015 but already fields teams in a number of well-known games, including Call of Duty, Global Offensive, League of Legends and Gears of War 4. The main shareholder of the company, Vision eSports, also owns Twin Galaxies and Vision Entertainment. The company has had mixed success in a number of fields but has managed to win a number of important games in an impressive manner thanks at least in part to the fact that is has acquired some impressive players for a number of games it competes in.

Amit Raizada and his team at VVP are not the only ones who are showing an interest in Echo Fox’s potential for success. The New York Yankees have recently made an equity investment in Echo Fox’s parent company. While the move made news in the sports industry, it is not entirely surprising given the fact that a number of sport team owners have shown an interest in investing in the eSports industry by either providing funding to eSports game companies or even creating their own.

The fact that Amit Raizada and other highly successful investors are putting their money on Echo Fox shows that the company has what it takes to succeed. These investors have closed literally hundreds of successful deals and know what to look for in successful companies. What is more, they also know how to turn ordinary looking companies into highly successful ventures. It is no secret that VVP’s involvement in Echo Fox is not just about providing the company with money but also providing direction to the company so that it can become wildly successful. By following their long-term recipe for success, these investors are almost certain to turn Echo Fox into a gaming company that tens of millions of people the world over will enjoy.

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