Professional cleaning service must-have tools and equipment

A janitorial service is always in demand. But the business entails a significant amount of work and diligence. Not only does it require employing trustworthy and efficient individuals, but you also need to invest in quality cleaning equipment. Not every professional cleaning company offers the same level of service. Competition within the industry is tough, and if you want to make your mark and improve your reputation, you need to begin by ensuring that you have the right tools, equipment, and resources.

Which cleaning equipment do you need?

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Although speciality janitorial equipment is a nice addition to your inventory, there are some tools that you will not be using all the time. It is best to invest in the basics materials needed for the trade, such as the following items:

  • Good quality, mops, buckets, and wringers. There are times when a good old fashioned mopping works better than using an automatic scrubber.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Toilet brushes with long handles
  • Brooms and dustpans
  • Expandable dusters for hand to reach areas
  • Multi-purpose cleaners, toiler cleaners, and glass cleaners. Heavy-duty cleaners may be necessary, which is why you need to have several brands on hand.
  • Maintenance tools
  • A cart with shelves and storage space
  • Safety signs

Apart from this, you also need a steady supply of trash bags and toilet paper. If possible, supply your employees with protective gear such as gloves, face masks, and a sturdy uniform.

Software and apps for cleaning companies

Professional cleaning companies today also use software and apps to streamline processes and keep track of jobs.

  • Generic business apps. There are simple business apps that can help in managing the administrative aspects of the business. For example, you can use a bookkeeping or accounting software to keep track of finances and outgoing expenses. Another useful app is a calendar or scheduler which you can have all employees install on their mobile devices. By being able to sync work schedules, you will be able to manage the availability of your employees for each job that you book.
  • Specialist apps for cleaning companies. Some apps are designed to cater to cleaning companies. There is an app you can use to estimate the time it takes to complete a job, which makes it easier to bid for new jobs.

Using tech tools can help a professional cleaning company stay on top of the competition. It is essential to be aware of the new trends because it is likely that this is what other companies are doing.

Reminders when buying cleaning equipment and tools

Whether you are investing in heavy-duty equipment for janitorial use or only stocking up on the essentials, it is crucial to look for certain qualities that will add more value to the expense. For equipment like automatic scrubbers and vacuum cleaners, always buy from reputable suppliers and choose a good quality brand.

Warranty is also a consideration since the product is intended for industrial use. Although you can buy ordinary cleaning supplies from any store, it is preferable to have a business relationship with a single supplier you trust. This way, you can get service consistency as well as discounts and exclusive deals.

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