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Problems with safety of ordering medicines in Canadian pharmacies

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That’s not a secret that there are millions of Americans, who make regular trips to Canada to buy prescription medicines there. The point is that, as a rule, in Canadian pharmacies medications are several times cheaper, while in the USA drug prices keep on growing. As of now, on average, Americans have to spend $1200 on medicines per person per year. According to recent researches, about 25% of Americans experience financial problems with buying medicines prescribed, and the situation is likely to get even worse.

It is well-known that the most vulnerable category of citizens is the elderly, since they have lower incomes and need more medicines, due to a bigger number of chronic diseases. And, taking into account the fact that the nation is aging, in the near future the number of seniors is likely to dramatically increase, and, consequently, the number of citizens, who cannot afford to buy life-saving medications, will grow as well.

No doubt, there are many other countries, except the USA, that face similar problems.

How Can One Cut Drug Expenses?

It is not a surprise that Americans, as well as people from other countries, search for the ways to reduce drug expenses. And buying medicines from abroad, for example, from Canada, where medicines are both affordable and high-quality, seems to be quite a reasonable solution. As a result, prices quoted by an average local retailer are regulated by the state and cannot exceed a certain maximum.

More to the point, many US politicians, including Donald Trump’s team, consider such a step to be acceptable. In July 2019, the administration of the current American President has proposed to solve the problem of high drug prices in the USA by legalizing the importation of medications from Canada. Although the plan has not been supported by the majority, such an intention can be treated as a sign that buying medicines from Canada is an option worth considering and trying.

In fact, Canada is a well-developed and prospering country. One can safely say that the local government manages to operate the country in an effective way and to provide citizens with comfortable living conditions. No doubt, the quality standards for medicines are high enough there. So, purchasing Canadian medications is absolutely safe.

But there is one question left: why are drug prices so much cheaper in Canada? Many consumers suppose that prices in the USA are more expensive, due to the higher quality of medications. And that sounds logical. But, in practice, there is no difference in the safety of effectiveness of products. The only reason for higher prices is the lack of the governmental control in the USA. In Canada the authorities analyze drug prices in the countries with the similar level of economic development and set price ceilings for drug manufacturers, while in the USA pharmaceutical companies have the opportunity to rise prices as high as consumers can afford.

As you can see, there is no need to overpay. Besides, today, you do not even have to make trips to Canada to buy medications from local drugstores, you can order everything you need on the Internet. There is a good selection of Canadian pharmacies that send orders worldwide.

Is It Safe to Purchase Medicines from Canadian Drugstores?

In fact, the main obstacle that prevents people from ordering medications online and saving money is the prejudices. There are dozens of myths that make patients believe that such shopping is unsafe. But, in practice, your safety depends on your choice of a pharmacy. Both online and offline, there are hundreds of companies that distribute counterfeit medicines, so, you should take all the precautions in any case.

Here Are Top 5 Tips on How to Choose a Pharmacy That Is Worth Trying:

  1. Avoid turning to drug stores that have recently entered the market. That’s quite risky, since there are websites that open for quite a short period of time, take money from potential customers and then disappear without sending any orders.
  2. Study the reputation of the company. Be sure to have a look at customers’ reviews on both the website of the drugstore and external sources. In case you see no negative posts at all, there is a chance that the representatives of the company have taken some steps to remove them, and such policy looks suspicious.
  3. Check whether there is any contact information on the website of the pharmacy. A company that works in a fair way is not likely to hide from its customers.
  4. Compare prices at the drugstore selected with those on other websites. There are companies that draw the attention of potential customers with the help of extremely low prices, but those discounts are associated with the quality problems. Keep in mind that the production of medications involves significant investments, which means that safe and effective drugs cannot be sold at unreasonably cheap prices.
  5. Be sure to scrutinize the privacy policy and the terms of use. When using the services of an online pharmacy, you need to provide the basic personal information, like your name, contact number and postal address. So, it is highly advisable to make sure that the company is not going to share it with any third parties, which in their turn may use it to get in touch with you in order to advertise some goods or for other purposes.

Find several minutes and check the pharmacy before placing an order and that will help you avoid most risks.

How Do Internet Pharmacies Help Customers Protect Their Privacy?

Have you ever felt embarrassed while telling a pharmacist about your health problems in front of other customers? No doubt, you have. Most people prefer to keep all the information about the state of their health private, but, in case you use the services of an offline pharmacy, you have to discuss that in public, and there is a good chance that you will see some of your neighbors or colleagues among other visitors of the same facility.

And the only way to avoid such embarrassing situations is to switch to ordering medicines on the Internet. Most online drugstores treat the privacy of their users as a top priority. As a result, users feel absolutely comfortable while talking about the most intimate health problems, which contributes to the effectiveness of the pharmacists’ assistance. Besides, the employees of this company take care of the customers’ privacy at the stage of packing. They do not indicate any information about the medications anywhere, where it can catch the eye of third persons. You will see it neither in the bill nor on the package itself.

The bottom line is, online Canadian pharmacy business is characterized by reliable confidentiality and efficacy of services; or any other drugstore of customer choice are hardwired to meet the most demanding expectations.

What Are Other Advantages of Internet Drugstores?

Cheaper prices. There are two main reasons why prices on the Internet are lower. First of all, selling medicines offline requires bigger investments, since one needs to spend significant sums of money on renting or buying premises, maintaining them in a proper condition, hiring personnel for each affiliate pharmacy, etc. In addition, most online Canadian pharmacies offer both original and generic products, and the latest mentioned are much more affordable, due to lower production costs. Comparing with branded drugs, generics are manufactured from the same active ingredients and have the same health effects, the only difference is the origin. Generic medications are usually produced in developing countries, and pharmaceutical companies have the opportunity to sell them at cheaper prices. So, if there is a generic version of the drug prescribed to you, that is a great option to reduce your expenses to the minimum.

A larger assortment. Most drugstores working on the Internet offer hundreds of medications and healthcare products. The only limit they have is the size of their warehouse. In addition, online pharmacies can enter into the agreement that manufacturers should supply them with products at the moment of need.

When you use the services of an online pharmacy, you do not even have to leave your home to have a consultation with a certified pharmacist or to receive your package. That will help you save plenty of time. Besides, there are consumers, who do not have the opportunity to move around the city, due to health problems. Purchasing medications on the Internet is a perfect solution for them.

To sum up, buying drugs on the Internet is a choice that will help you save much money, time and effort, as well as preserve the privacy. Make a try and place an order at an online Canadian pharmacy, and you will see that such shopping provides numerous advantages.


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