Press Conference: Mike London

Virginia football coach Mike London talks with the media on Monday. Virginia (4-4, 1-3 ACC) plays at Duke (2-6, 0-4 ACC) on Saturday.

It seems as if Miami the other day was trying to get snaps off faster than Oregon does. Should I assume that’s in order to keep you from setting your defense, making adjustments?

It is part of an offensive philosophy to hurry up. They know what personnel they’re going to bring in the game before you do. You have to be reactive. That’s all defense is, being reactive.

If they have a tight end in the game, they know the very next play they’re going to send in three wide receivers, they let the tight end flanker stay on the field, let time run down to the last possible moment, run the three wide receivers on the field. What that causes the defense to do is either stay in your base defense or you try to hurry up to make a substitution to match the skill players on the field.

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