Press Conference: Frank Beamer

Opening statement: “Big game Thursday night. I think with Miami it’ll be a tough, physical football game. That’s what I expect. I’ve been impressed with how hard they play and I see them getting better. I think their last outing with Florida State they were very good. When you play a lot of young guys sometimes with that you get a lot of inconsistencies. I see them being the best that they’ve been. Again, I was very impressed with how they played against Florida State so we know what we’ve got down in Miami so we gotta get ready to go.”

On how much he talks about this game possibly being for the division title

“I think the reality of it is that whoever wins this is the lead in that. It’s the same for both of us. That’s the reality. At this time of the year, you want your games to be important and this one certainly is. You want to be playing for something and we certainly are.”

On the health of the team after the week off

“I think the time off did help. We’re fairly healthy. [Caleb] Farris has been back out there practicing. I wouldn’t say that he’s 100 percent, but we’ll see, he’s got a little bit more time. Yeah, I think the time off was good. They had the same amount of time off so I think it’s probably good for both of us.”

On Tariq Edwards’ effectiveness

“I would like him to be, to get back to the way he was performing last year, to get back into that type of consistency. He wants to and we want him to so hopefully it’s going to happen.”

On if he likes playing in the Thursday night games

“I think if you can be successful, certainly. It’s kind of like Monday Night Football in the NFL, you’re generally the only game on or one of two games on and all of the other college teams and coaches are watching you so it’s a big stage and you just want to perform well. This time of the year you want to be playing for something and we are and they are. It’s going to be a tough, physical football game.”

On his philosophy of recruiting South Florida

“You look at Luther Maddy and he’s been a terrific player for us. You look at Dadi Nicolas, he’s playing more and more and he’s going to be a terrific player for us. Mark Leal, he’s a very important part of our football team. We’ve had some good successes is places there and we’ll continue to go back there. You build relationships and I think it helps you in these situations. The kids that we’ve got out of there for the most part, Hosley and Flowers, Clowney and I can go on and on, they’ve been very productive here at Virginia Tech.”

On if he worries about kids using an offer from Virginia Tech to get offers from a school in Florida

“That happens. In the end you want the kid to go where he feels like it’s best for him. When you make a commitment at that point in time, you’d like to think that it’s firm and final, but that’s not always the case in recruiting.”

On what he expects of the running back rotation on Thursday

“We’re working on it. We’re practicing with an idea and hopefully it will be the right combination.”

On if there are any small adjustments going into the Miami game after the bye week

“No, our thing really is being more consistent. I think the way you get more consistent is not changing, just keep working. I think the things we’ve got are good, it’s just a matter of doing them in a better way and a more consistent way whether it’s offense or defense or special teams. We’ve generally been a better team as the year goes along and to me that’s the way to go about it.”

On if he’s scaled back some of the running backs in practice

“We’ve looked at our running back situation a lot and the thing that’s tough is that they all deserve to play. After the Cincinnati game, [Michael] Holmes looked like they guy. He made a couple terrific runs. After Bowling Green, [Tony] Gregory looked like the guy. He got out there in space. After Duke, [J.C.] Coleman looked like the guy. That’s the tough part. All of them have had their moment. We’d like to find a week after week so this is what we’re gonna get. That’s what we’re trying to get it to.”

On Jeron Gouviea-Winslow getting reps as a back-up safety

“We’re just trying to take advantage of our personnel and the guys that can get in there and be in the right place and GW is certainly a guy. He does our punt protection team and he’s very good at it. He’s a smart guy and a good player. We’re trying to get people who can certainly function in there. We want to get people in the game that we think can function and be in the right place.”

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