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Press Conference: Frank Beamer

Opening Statement: It’s certainly an extremely important football game Thursday night, and I think we’ve had good practices. Now the question is going down there and playing well. To me there is no secret that when you play Georgia Tech you’re playing a team that’s very physical, very fast, well coached and it’s pretty simple you have to go in there and play a great football game. That’s what we need to do.

On Bud Foster’s comment about gaining an appreciation for playing against Georgia Tech’s offense

I’ve gained a great appreciation for their knowledge and it’s seems like when you do something well they have an answer for it. The deal is you better have an answer yourself. They know what they’re doing and they run it very well. They’re very efficient. Knowing it is one thing, but trying to get your kids ready in a week’s time to react to it that’s the real issue.

On having the bye week and it coming at the perfect time

I think when you see something one time a year, having a couple extra days definitely helps. I think it came at a good time in that regard.

On Cody Journell and his status for Thursday

He’s kicked well, he’s kicked in practice, I think he’s fine. If something should happen, Weiss would be the guy and Myer would be the long guy.

On the similarities between the two programs that constantly puts them in position to win the Coastal Division

We’ve been fortunate to be where we are and they do a good job, there’s no question. You look at the top rushing teams in the country and they’re going to be in that mix, year-end and year out. You commit so much to stop the run, and they throw the ball down the field on you. Defensively, too, they play well and they played a great football game against Clemson. Georgia Tech is for real, the team is for real; they have good players and they coach them up, and they’re a hard team to prepare for in a week’s time.

Have you come to expect for this game to mean something every year?

Oh yea, I mean all the games I can remember it’s always been important. It’s going to have an impact, so there’s no question about that.

On Georgia Tech’s defense and stopping ClemsonŠ

I think they’ve got them down to where they could bring some rushes against them. I thought they flew around great, they tackled great and getting anytime behind the chains always helps and they did a good job of that.

On defensive personnel and having Kyle Fuller play whip

It’ll be more Cris Hill at the other corner position.

On the rankings and the gap between the two teams

I think you look where you’re playing right now and their last ballgame they played extremely well, and they play extremely well at home; they have a good record there. I don’t think those rankings mean a lot right now, this is a team that’s playing extremely well at this point of the season and came back from a couple tough losses to playing a great football game. That’s what we expect Thursday night.

On the defensive changes and moving J.R. Collins

Well there’s a lot of stuff going on inside there and if you take a false step you’re in trouble so I think it gives you a guy with a little quickness inside and a little more maturity. Wilson is a guy that’s got some speed, so hopefully it’ll be an advantage for him on the outside.

On the progress the team has made since the Clemson game

I think we’ve made improvements, we’ll definitely see on Thursday night. I think we’ve played some good football and done some things when we really had to do them, which is a positive sign. We’ll see where we are Thursday night.

On Georgia Tech’s offense, will the best defense become the best offense?

Yes, they’re trying to keep our offense of the field, and we’re trying to keep their offense off the field.

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