Press Conference: Frank Beamer

Opening Statement: I’m really pleased with our win over Arkansas State. I credit our coaches and players I think we were well prepared physically to go play. I think we played hard throughout against a good football team and I feel good about the win. Now we have to get ready for Marshall. You look at the film against West Virginia to see how they’re playing, and we know we’re going to get the same kind of team and I think they’re a program that that has a lot of good players and we need to go in there and be ready to play. We’re going to have another place that’s going to be in a frenzy, and we need to be ready for that.

On kick returners now that Dyrell Roberts is out

We’re going to stick with Tony Gregory and David Wilson back there and we’ll also bring freshman Demetri Knowles up there and work with him and see if we can get him ready to play this fall. If we do, he’s a guy with great speed so he’d be a candidate for kickoff return too. Right now I think Tony Gregory would be that guy, we haven’t really discussed it yet.

On lessons taken from East Carolina game and going into another away game that’s going to be loud

We understand that we’re going to get a team with great effort that plays very hard, and the frenzy is something we’ll need to understand, we know they’re looking forward to us coming.

On Pitt and Syracuse now being in the ACC

I credit the Presidents for being out front in this thing; I think they’ve done a great job. They did it quickly, and in my opinion they did the right thing. I think we’ve really done well as a league and have solidified our league and to me that’s what’s going to happen in these times. You’ve got to be solid yourself, we did and added two great programs, two good academic schools, two good athletic programs, so I think it’s a great move for the Atlantic Coast Conference and I’m proud of the way our people handled it.

On conference reconfigurations going on around the country

It looks like we’re headed to four conferences and 16 teams I don’t know maybe even more but it seems like 16 seems to be the number that’s going to be hitting. I think we’ll know more after today what’s going to happen in the Pac-12 – is it the Pac-16 now – I think that’s just the way it is and that’s the direction it’s moving in. I think that’s where we’re going it’s neither good nor bad, I haven’t had a lot of time to think about it, this Marshall crowds got me worried I haven’t given it a lot of thought.

On memories of past games against Syracuse and Pitt

Yea there’s no questions we got them a couple of times in the Dome and they got us at the last play of the game with Donovan McNabb and us trying to keep Larry Fitzgerald out of the end zone. They were some tough times against Pittsburgh there too so we’ve had a lot of good games against those two teams.

On Frank Loria

Yea and Rick Tolley was a coach there too and there were some Ferrum players on the team at the time Rick had coached there, but Frank Loria was a great football player and a great person. We played there in the same secondary. He was a very smart guy generally and he was smart football wise, he had a great football mind and I considered him a great, great friend.

On what concerns you about Marshall after watching film

Well on Saturday they turned the ball over and got out of it early, but that’s not the team that you saw against West Virginia, they hung right in there. We know that’s the team we’re going to see Saturday.

On Andrew Lanier’s injury

Yea we think he’s going to be alright, he’ll be in blue today and Martin is in blue and J.R. Collins will be in blue too but we expect them all back by the end of the week.

On Becton getting more action on Saturday

Becton got a good amount of action on Saturday and did a good job, so we’ll see. We’ll give some guys a chance to get some reps during practice and how they do in practice determines how much game time they’ll play.

On results in the ACC this past weekend

I thought overall it was a good day, I thought Florida State was going to get it there for awhile, but like I said give us some tough games against some people and I think the ACC will show up well.

On relationship with Doc Holliday

I know him, but I don’t know him well.

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