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Press Conference: Bronco Mendenhall on UVA win over Richmond

bronco mendenhallOpening Statement:

“I was pleased with the victory. Game one I think is always important for your team and for your season. I think, for a number of reasons, lending credibility to methodology through the year, or through the fall camp, it’s good to see return. So, camp was four weeks and to now have a return on their investment I think is always motivating and necessary. We have worked hard to reshape what we do offensively, that is still at the beginning stages, but I think you saw some of that direction with the combination of [Jordan Ellis] and [Bryce Perkins] and some on the throw game coming off of that. I think on defense we played consistently. Turnovers were effective and timely. Good defense of third down. And special teams I would say were neutral. Not necessarily a plus, not necessarily a minus, but a starting point. So I am pleased with the progress our program is making. I recognize we are still at the beginning of what this season will look like, this offense will look like, and this team. But there is a different poise, a different maturity, a different clarity and confidence certainly from two years ago or three years ago in our opener. Our roster is becoming deeper, our practice habits are allowing us to be more physical now that we have some injuries that are healing up. So a good start to the season.”

On Jordan Ellis’ and Bryce Perkins’ play:

“The blocking is better, but the design is also different. When you have a quarterback run threat, yards are easier on the ground. We believe that a quarterback run threat takes more pressure off of the other ten players. The defense usually runs out of numbers and when that happens, then the pass game and big plays are opened up. There are then some big plays on the perimeter. I’m not going to say the yards are misleading, but it’s a different style. We believe [Jordan Ellis] is home base, he’s physical, he’s durable, he’s consistent and he has to be able to move the chains inside. That keeps the defense tight and allows [Bryce Perkins] and others to do what we need them to do.”

On offensive capability:

“We have some dynamic players, certainly that have speed and that are good on the perimeter. When you start looking at [Olamide Zaccheaus] and then add [Joe Reed], and then you have the physical presence, [Bryce Perkins], you can count inside and outside, there starts to be more dynamic players on the field. Which allows more lanes to run and allows more time of possession, and as long as those dynamic plays can happen in the run game as well, that’s a bonus so there’s less risk. But we did enough in the pass game today. We are a little bit farther along actually. Regardless of the interception for a touchdown, there was enough of the pass game coming off the run game that I thought showed some progress.”

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