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Prescription Hope explains how people who take prescription medications should plan for international travel

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As the world reopens after the coronavirus pandemic has run its course, many people will be eager to return to international travel. International travel provides many rewarding experiences, including cultural, religious, and historical sights. Meeting with people from different cultures can enhance a traveler’s life.

If you take prescription medication, you will need to undertake an extra planning process to travel to another country. Prescription Hope explains this process in detail, including how their program can help you fill expensive medications for a simple, affordable monthly fee.

Check the legality of your medications

Not every country has the same list of legal medications. Some prescription medications that are legal in the United States, like codeine and tramadol, could land you in jail if you carry them in countries like Greece, Japan, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia.

In Japan and Saudi Arabia, all methamphetamines and amphetamines are banned. This means that people who take stimulant medications for attention deficit disorder (ADD) should not travel to Japan or Saudi Arabia even with a doctor’s prescription. People with ADD or ADHD should look into alternative medications if they plan to travel to these countries or prepare for taking some time off from taking their medication.

In Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, sleeping medications that contain zolpidem (Ambien, Intermezzo) are banned. In Singapore, you need a license to import the drugs for your use.

Codeine, a common ingredient in many cough syrups and painkillers, is banned in many countries worldwide. It is outright prohibited in Hong Kong, Greece, and Indonesia.

In Singapore and Indonesia, many anti-anxiety medications are banned. These include drugs like Ativan and Xanax. People who rely on these medications should find an alternative well in advance of their travel to a foreign country.

If you are traveling to China or Costa Rica, you must make sure that you have a detailed doctor’s note with all of the prescriptions you take and why you need them. This note is a good idea for all countries, just in case, there are questions about your medication.

These are just a few examples of banned drugs in other countries but allowed in the United States. You must do your research before booking travel to any country if you take prescription medications of any kind. The U.S. Embassy in the country of your destination may be able to help you with the requirements for each medication.

When you first enter a country, bring medication in its original sealed, labeled container. This will help customs officials to recognize what you have brought and speed you on your way.

Planning ahead

Before you go on your trip, you should make sure that you have at least a few months’ worth of your medications. Your doctor should be able to provide you with extra refills. Your doctor should also send you additional prescriptions that you can have filled abroad if you run into a situation where you need extra medication. Be sure that the prescription lists the generic name since not all countries have the same brand names for drugs.

Packing tips

When you are packing for your trip, you should take extra care with your prescription medication. It is a good idea to divide it into two or three piles and pack each one in a separate piece of luggage. If you lose one or even two pieces of luggage, you will still have your medication. Make sure that you pack at least two weeks’ worth of medication in your carry-on bags just in case all of your checked luggage is lost or delayed.

How Prescription Hope can help

If you are planning an extended trip outside the country, make sure you have enough medication on hand from your most recent shipment to cover you while you are gone. If you need an extra supply of your medication, be sure to talk to your doctor about getting the prescription, and then let Prescription Hope know. The company handles all communication with the drug manufacturers who provide your prescription. Working with your doctor, Prescription Hope will be able to handle your request.

The Prescription Hope program

Douglas Pierce, the company founder, was inspired by his mother’s inability to afford a life-saving cancer drug even with her insurance. He searched tirelessly for a way to help his mother afford her medication.

Pierce discovered programs run by the drug manufacturers that assist people with lower incomes who cannot afford their medications. However, these programs were difficult to apply for and manage. He decided that he would dedicate his professional life to helping patients access their life-saving medications through this service.

When a patient works with the company, all they need to do is provide their doctor’s contact information and proof of their income, and a valid prescription. The company handles all of the communication with the drug manufacturer and can send a supply of medication in a matter of weeks. Each year, the patient must provide additional proof of income to continue with the program.

The company offers its services for a low monthly fee for each medication filled. Compared to the severe cost of copays for the newest and most effective brand-name medications, the company’s monthly fees are a relief for many customers.

Traveling abroad

When you travel abroad, make sure that all of your medications are legal to take with you. You may need extra documentation from your doctor in order to possess your medication in certain foreign countries. If you take certain medications like attention deficit disorder drugs, you should be aware that these drugs are banned outright in several countries.

Planning for your trip abroad is easy when you work with Prescription Hope. The company provides over 1500 brand-name medications you need for a low monthly fee per prescription. When you go abroad, you will have your horizons broadened and make exciting new memories. Making sure that your medication is safe and current will help you enjoy your trip.

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