Preparing to unload your junk car

old carJust because you no longer have a need for your old car doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to sell it. Perhaps the car is too old. Perhaps it has too many outstanding repairs. Perhaps you’re not able to put in the time to prepare it to be sold privately or traded to a dealer. At this point, your top concern is simply getting rid of this useless hunk in your driveway. Don’t feel that there’s no chance to recoup on your investments, though. Getting rid of your junk car for recycling not only helps the environment, but you can get some money as well. Not bad, considering you get all this for something you no longer are able or interested in using.


Who Do You Give The Car To?

Chances are you’ve seen an advertisement or heard about a cash for clunkers business in your area. Don’t fall victim to the misconception that these are all fly-by-night operations. In fact, the auto recycling industry contributes $25 billion per year to the national GDP and employs around 100,000 people. Don’t expect to get the money that you would through a private sale. Most cars will fetch you a few hundred dollars at most. The good news is that your car’s condition has little bearing on your acceptance. These companies will generally take the car off your hands for free once approved.

There is also another choice if you don’t see a business that you like: charity. Similar to recycling businesses, charities put minimal requirements on the types of cars they take. Rather than getting paid, you can get a valuable tax write-off. The one catch is that there is often a lot of paperwork and follow-up with the non-profit in question. But if you have a car you want to unload and a cause that you are passionate about, this may be the route for you.


What Do I Need To Do To Prep?

The good news is that most charities and businesses that take junk cars will take the vehicle in question off your hands for free. However, there are several steps you will want to take so that can remove it and recycle it without a hitch.

Some of these steps are standard procedure when unloading or dumping any item that you’ve had for a while. Make sure to check every single storage compartment you have and remove any personal effects you have. You’d be surprised what we keep in our cars, especially things we don’t want to lose. By the same token, be sure to cancel your insurance policy before you hand it over to avoid making any excess payments. In fact, you may be entitled to a refund if you paid for full coverage in advance. Call your insurance company to check.

There may be opportunities to get maximum value for your car even if it is a junker. Generally, these are best reserved for those who are more car-savvy. For example, alternators, starter motors, entertainment systems and other valuable parts may be able to fetch you a few extra dollars. You can sell them either to retailers or other drivers. If you are interested in doing this but don’t have the expertise, consider asking a friend or mechanic to help you out. In addition, be sure to check in with your state’s DMV to see if there are any special paperwork requirements needed to get rid of your junk car or not.

Choosing to recycle a junk car rather than try to convince someone else to buy it is often the more responsible decision for other motorists and the planet. Just be sure to keep that same responsible mindset in mind when getting ready to unload it in order to make the process smooth. Not only will you get rid of your clunker, but put a little extra money in your pocket while you do it.


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